Minimise Your Risk With A One Day Event Insurance

2nd June 2010

One day event insurance

is probably not he most important type of insurance a company should have, but

at the same time you should not underestimate the value and benefits of it. Of

course, in all probability your event should go smoothly, but just in case it

does not, you should be covered against any potential loss.

It is extremely important to take part

in different events where you have a chance to promote your business, advertise

your goods and services, keep in touch with your partners, customers and even

competitors, and of course to establish new contacts. However, before throwing

a corporate party you should learn about potential risks and the ways to

prevent them.

One day event insurance

will protect you against lawsuits in case of an accident on your place of

business. Or, to say more precisely, it will provide coverage for various

bills, like medical bills and legal fees in case the third party gets injured

in the course of your event. It is not a secret that medical services are

extremely expensive these days, and if a person gets injured at your party, you

are legally liable for this situation and therefore you have to pay all his/her

medical expenses, including hospitalisation and surgery if needed.

The amount to cover all these expenses

can be massive, and paying them is especially painful for a small business.

Under such circumstances one day event insurance

will make a big difference for a business owner. If you have doubts whether it

is necessary to have this insurance, just compare the amounts you would pay for

its premium and for one's compensation in case of an accident.

Perhaps you believe in your lucky star

and hope that nothing will happened during a party: after all, you invite

people to a comfortable, beautifully decorated hall with pleasant music and

tasty snacks, so what kind of dangerous situation might arise over there? It is

not a manufacturing company with heavy equipment, and not a field for horse

riding. However, an accident can happen everywhere, even in the least dangerous


One day event insurance

will help you to relax, forget about unnecessary tension and concentrate on

your business goals. Of course you should take every precaution to make a place

maximally safe for all your guests and staff members: one's health is much more

important than any kind of material compensation. But if something

unpredictable does happen, for example a person slips on a wet floor and

sprains an ankle or even breaks a bone, you will be able to pay his/her bills

without injuring your company's finances. In a way this insurance would protect

not only you, but an injured person as well.

One day event insurance

can be provided by most insurance companies, but their terms might be

different, so you should contact at least several of them in order to compare

their prices and other conditions and get the best possible deal.

Perhaps this insurance is not number

one priority of a business owner, but at the same time it should not occupy the

last place in your “things to do” list.