10th December 2009

Mobile Credit Card Processing Is Convenient For Businesses And Customers

The abundance of technology in today’s business world is growing. It is amazing that credit cards can be processed anywhere that a cellular phone signal can be processed.

The abundance of technology in today’s business world is growing.  It

is amazing that credit cards can be processed anywhere that a cellular

phone signal can be processed.  When a client is present in your

office, in your car or in a crowded restaurant a sale can be made using

mobile credit card processing.

There are virtually no limitations to what can be done.  Sales can be

made via a simple telephone call.  The process is very impressive and

intricate.  There are many advantages to being able to process payment

cards so efficiently, some are:

• Sales Mobility

• Sales Flexibility

• Convenience

• Ease of Use

• Quick and Reliable Transactions

When a business uses this type of payment processing the benefits are

overwhelming.  Offering a consumer the opportunity to purchase from you

at the very moment they are ready allows a business to maximize sales. 

A consumer no longer needs to leave the comfort of their surroundings

to purchase anything.

When a business decides to accept credit cards on the go they provide

extreme flexibility to their customers as well as themselves.  No

longer are displays or in-store advertisements the only selling point. 

A representative can show a demonstration in any environment and

process the sale using only the customer’s credit card.

The convenience of the transaction is almost unheard of.  The business

does not need any bulky machinery or any in-store gimmicks.  The

consumer does not have to worry about a check being lost or money

becoming unaccounted for.  The transaction is secure, quick, and


Fees take care of any payment transfers.  The business simply pays the

processing fees and actual paper money never exchanges hands.  With

mobile credit card processing the fees are minimal compared to the

advantages of accepting such payment.  Common fees are between 2% and

4%.  These will vary depending on the merchant account provider.

With all of the benefits of accepting credit cards becoming more

apparent by the day it is amazing to see any businesses without the

capability of processing these cards.  Being able to process

transactions without any limitation of circumstances can be a huge

benefit to any business.  When a customer becomes “hot” or ready to

commence the purchase there are no limitations and the sale can be

completed instantly.

The idea of using mobile credit card processing is not just limited to

big time businesses.  Many seasonal businesses utilize this technology

because it is easier.  Not only is it easier but it is much more cost

effective.  Not having to purchase expensive, bulky machinery is a

great benefit by itself.

For any business no matter the size it is important to provide the

customer with a satisfactory purchase environment.  By allowing the

customer to make purchases from the comfort of any environment using

their payment card allows sales to be made on multiple levels. 

Seasonal merchants will often utilize mobile sales at conventions so

that consumers can easily negotiate through transactions.

Mobile credit card processing is great for any business.  The fees are

negligible, the advantages are overwhelming, and so what choice would

the logical businessman make?  Start taking payments on the go with these PDQ machines today

and increase your sales volume!