18th January 2010

Mobile credit card terminal and the importance of accepting credit cards

No matter what is the focus of your business and the size of your company, most probably you have already figured out how important it is to be able to accept credit cards.

No matter what is the focus of your business and the size of your company, most probably you have already figured out how important it is to be able to accept credit cards. A mobile credit card terminal is a new word in the sphere of modern card processing technologies, but it has already won the appreciation among business owners throughout the world. 

Of course, you can still use old fashioned, bulky equipment for conducting the transactions, but it is doubtful that it will add any extra point to the image of your company. Being progressive and professional is highly appreciated by customers, moreover, using a mobile equipment gives you a good number of advantages and secures profitable deals. And in case your merchandising activity involves “on the go” events, one of the first priorities of yours should concern the ability to accept credit cards in any place in any time.

Fortunately, this option is available nowadays with a mobile credit card terminal. Lots of people prefer carrying plastic cards instead of cash, and it would be unwise to let the opportunities go only because you cannot process credit cards on the go. But these portable terminals work on the same principle as sell phones: thanks to the coverage and processing company you can send text messages from your mobile, and with the same easiness you can wirelessly conduct the money transactions using the GPRS network.

Numerous advantages given by these small sized, light and wireless items include freedom of movements, as you can leave your office and arrange the sales in any favourable places like a market area or close to a crowded stadium, or in the entertainment park, at the metro station etc. With a mobile credit card terminal there is no need to bother about large amounts of cash, their storing and transporting. It also saves the time dramatically by skipping the tedious procedures of calculating and giving out the change. Besides, a swiping option gives your clients an opportunity to process their cards with minimal interfering of yours, which means they feel secure and enjoy the comfort of quick payment.

This equipment brings to the higher level your participation in trade shows, fairs, sport events, exhibitions, seminars, movable presentations and seasonal sales. From now on you can visit these events not only for advertising your company's image and spreading the world about your brand, but actually for high volume sales. People rarely carry large amounts of money in their pockets, but with a mobile credit card terminal it is not a problem to make a sale.

Of course, you could invite the potential consumers to visit your office the next day, but who has that much time for shopping nowadays? If a person visited a trade show or fair, it means he or she is genuinely interested in the line of products exhibited and ready to make a purchase. If you deprive them of the opportunity to do that, obviously it will be a disservice for your business. Besides, very often big purchases are made on the impulse, and there is no guarantee that a person will come to you next day when the special atmosphere of the trade show will not be there any more. Taking all of this into account, it is highly advisable to consider the advantages of having a mobile credit card terminal.