Mobile showroom for Sealine shortlisted

22nd September 2010

The Sealine mobile showroom created by 4D Design has been short listed for an FMBX Award which will be announced on the 20th October. The luxury boat manufacturer wanted to have a showroom that could carry the brand out to prospects and customers, an exclusive group with boats costing upwards of £600k each. 4D spent weeks researching designing and engineering a mobile showroom that presented the brand perfectly. At the end of a successful 14 marina tour throughout the summer the client had secured a number of new customers and forged stronger relationships with many existing customers.

Pete Allen, managing director of 4D commented: “We are thrilled to be short listed for an FMBX award, this project was all about communicating the brand in all its minute detail to a very hard to reach target audience. The client was delighted with what was achieved and to be short listed recognises that achievement, the entire team has their fingers crossed.”