23rd March 2010

Mobile Stage – Quick In and Out

A mobile stage is perfect for any event that you wish to set up on the go!

A mobile stage is perfect for any event that you wish to set up on the go! These units are quick to set up and take down and are even affordable. If you are looking for this type of unit then you have many alternatives, from your local dealers to the vast amount of providers on the internet.

Depending on what type of event you are hosting will determine what type of unit you are looking for. At this point you have decided that your event is going to be on the go and that is why you have decided to purchase or rent a mobile stage. The option to purchase or rent is a big deal. The price variation is great and you have to ask yourself, will I use this unit enough to justify a purchase?

By doing your due diligence on varying units you can decide if you should purchase or rent. Usually a business that decides to rent will continue to use the unit on multiple occasions such as a travelling show that has plans on being annual. However if your annual event only has one showing it might be in your best interest to rent the unit.

At this point if your business has decided on renting it is best to go with a company that will provide you with exactly what you need. Some of the providers are full-service whereas others only provide you with the mobile stage itself and expect you to take care of everything else. When you look at the difference in cost it may seem like it makes sense to go with one of these providers, however taking a closer look can reveal the extra money is money well spent.

The providers who offer full-service will provide your business with event producing professionals, and an experienced team that will work in close proximity with your business to insure that the unit is set up correctly. To insure that your event maximises it’s potential to reach all of their goals this is the best way to go. Most of these types of providers can even work within a set budget that your business may have.

Maybe your business does not need all of the frills, but it is best to determine your business needs before deciding on a provider. There are many things that have to be considered, some of the most important are:

- How big is your event going to be? (Attendance, etc.)
- Will your mobile stage need to be set-up and taken down multiple times?
- Will you require any audio visual and/or lighting equipment?
- What is your budget?
- Do you have any exceptions?

The company that your business chooses needs to be flexible, prompt and professional at all times. Some companies offer ridiculously low priced production on their units only to skimp on all of the details and leave your business empty handed. To make sure that this does not occur to your business you will need to make sure the company has a good reputation, do not be afraid to ask for a resume of past events that the company has provided service for. Your mobile stage needs to provide you with what your business needs, there are just too many options available to sacrifice any aspect.