23rd March 2010

Mobile Stages – On the Go

As a business you are deciding to have a great event with multiple mobile stages.

As a business you are deciding to have a great event with multiple mobile stages. How do you know what you need? Do you have any options? How much should I spend? Are there any differences that I need to know about?

Those are all great questions and any event that your business has decided to have is very important and it should be that way to the provider you choose for your set-up. The first question to determine is what your business needs. Well depending on what type of business you are has a lot to do with this one. Maybe you are a production company and you need several units set up that will be used for concerts or maybe you are a travelling show such as a carnival. Either way you need to determine what you need the mobile stages for before you can go any further.

Okay, so at this point you know how many units you need and why you need them for your business. Next you need to survey all of the options available to your business. Sure you could do this the old fashioned way by looking in the phone book and finding your local provider but in today’s day and age you do not have to confine your search to your local neighbourhood anymore.

By utilising the internet you can search for providers of mobile stages quickly and even in some cases you can receive a quote directly in a matter of minutes! Simply type in what you need in your search engine provided on your computer and your location. At that point many providers will pop up that will be more than happy to help your business succeed in their event planning. Choosing your best option is going to mainly depend on your business needs, so plan carefully.

The question of how much your business should spend should already be set before trying to secure a provider. Your business should set a budget and adhere to that price as much as possible. This is just good business practices. Once you have a budget in your mind you can narrow down your search accordingly. Just like any other retail purchase remember that the best option is not always the most expensive and the vice-versa. Remember all though you have set your budget that does not mean you cannot make exceptions if it seems necessary.

There are many differences between the companies that can provide your business with mobile stages. Some of these differences are:

- Size of the actual units
- Set-up fees
- Set-up time
- Types of units (Aluminium, carpeted, etc.)
- Specialties (Audio visual, lighting, decorations, etc.)

At this point your business should all of the information they need to make an informed decision regarding the providers. It is important that your business makes sure that they are dealing with a reputable organisation that has a good resume of other successful events. If the provider has horror stories from customers then there is a great chance that their mobile stages will be of a poorer quality than that of other providers.