23rd March 2010

Mobile Staging – Take It with You

There is a lot to be said for mobility.

There is a lot to be said for mobility. When a business determines that it will be doing business on the road they need to make sure they have the appropriate equipment. Mobile staging allows your business to put on a show without the hassle of finding a venue with the appropriate platform available.

There are many different types of stages available so it is vital that your business does research to insure that you select the correct one for your event or show. Obviously one of the biggest differences comes in the size of the stage itself. Most places tend to stick around these dimensions:

- 24’ x 16’
- 32’ x 24’
- 40’ x 40’

Obviously there are other sizes available but expect the dimensions for these to be similar to the ones listed here. Mobile staging is so important for businesses because it is so cost effective. A business can purchase or rent and that in itself allows for great flexibility. Perhaps your business is planning to have a travelling show or annual moving conference. Those are both perfect examples of why you would need a stage that can travel easily.

Another choice that needs to be made is the type of mobile staging that your business wants to use. It is common for these to come in a light weight aluminium build that are capable of being pulled by a pickup truck. These are very easy to set up and can be done almost anywhere. Obviously the advantages of such a stage speak for themselves.

So your business should simply utilise all of their options when doing their due diligence. It is possible that a company is local and can handle all of your business needs however do not be afraid to take a look at several companies even those further away. Mobile staging can be delivered and even customised to cater to your business needs. Basically going into it you should understand your businesses limitations and expectations for setting up the event. Once you are aware of those things then you can make an educated purchase or decide if renting the stage is right for your business.

A few things that you may need to remember when selecting which stage is right for your business event are:

- What size do you need?
- Can I set it up by myself? If not, how much will it cost?
- How long do I need to set aside for the setup?
- What type of unit will I need for my event?
- Are the acoustics good?
- If rented, how long do I have to turn it in?

Now that your questions have answers it should be easier to decide what your business needs and what your business can afford. Mobile staging can be the difference between a great event and one that just seems lacking. In order for your business to be successful you need to have these things planned out efficiently. There may be more questions depending on your business but remember that this is your event and you have the opportunity to get exactly what you need. The most important thing is that you get exactly what you need for exactly what you want to pay!