10th November 2009

Modular Exhibition Stand - an Easy to Set Up and Adaptable Exhibition Stand

Modular exhibition stands are very flexible to adapt and set up and provide various look of a showroom to suit the marketing plan, costs and required result.

Modular exhibition stands are very flexible to adapt and set up and

provide various look of a showroom to suit the marketing plan, costs

and required result.

What makes them so special:

* They create a very nice first impression and tend to draw customers to the advertisements provided on the stand.


They have no fixed structure and various shapes could be taken by the

materials to provide unique view any time it is configured.

* You can use different materials and graphical prints to make the place look modern and to refresh the metal structure.

* The cost of the material is quite less then the cost a designated company would charge for a custom made design of the place.


exhibition stands comprise a many components set to create panel

walling, rooms for meeting, glowing displays, structural features and

product display systems. This is managed by using lightweight aluminum

extrusion components along with a seemingly endless choice of various

materials to create walling, display sections and others.


best benefit is transforming standard walled shell schemes and filling

space-only areas with modern designed and impressively stylish

structures that create a fresh view of your product or business. Even

though it is pre-made, it offers a feel of a custom-made advertising

model for a price way lower and totally affordable to most of the


There are several benefits that the modular

exhibition stands are preferred to the custom ones. One of them is the

very factor that you exhibit a lot and have to move and change design

of the stand as you go, which is not possible with the custom ones.

This saves you huge effort in attempting to alter an already pre-built

structure for a different place in order for it to fit. Also, the

lightness of the materials further improves its mobility and eases the

carrying of the object.

The second factor is simply the price.

Most companies will charge much for design, creation, assembly,

transportation etc. All those prices are for creating a unique style

which you can also achieve with a modular stand. For a company that

relies on moving around that will be a huge benefit in the budget

shortening as they can just move the material without having to pay the

price for another stand to be created. This has multiple effect on the

marketing value of the product as it for one, decreases the cost for

itself, and for two - it keeps the same quality as an unique product,

not decreasing the advertising value of itself.

With simple

words, the Modular Exhibition Stands are a very good choice for a

company that exhibits on multiple places, or just fills up spaces in

different halls. It provides the unique view, the price effective

approach and is easy to assemble. Most of the companies that select

them have shown huge progress on the advertising level of their

campaigns and even thought they already have the resources for custom

made stands, they still prefer to assemble on their own and to improve

with graphical prints and illuminations.