23rd March 2010

Modular Stage – Staging Your Event

What is a modular stage? That is a good question but is very broad.

What is a modular stage? That is a good question but is very broad. A temporary platform that is set up to make assembly, disassembly and everything else easy for mobile platform setup. These platforms can be completely customised and setup at your businesses disposal for your important event.

They are several options available when deciding which modular stage to choose. Some of the options to look into are:

- The size of the platform (height, length, etc.)
- Will I need railing?
- Will I need barricades?
- Is the place I plan on using level?
- Is stage skirting necessary?
- How long will it take to setup/breakdown?
- How much will it cost?

So whether your business is staging a concert, show, organizing a conference, putting on exhibitions or panning another type of event it is easier to have all of the arrangements made well in advance, including your modular stage. These platforms are multi-functional and can provide advanced surfaces to allow the event to go off unhinged.

By choosing a unit it is important to know what type of platform you will need and what size and strength is needed. Planning your event in advance will allow for all of the details to go according to plan. When you choose which company to go with you will see which ones offer a professional staff to handle all of the issues you may have. However if you prefer to have your own staff setup then you can go that route as well.

A modular stage can be set up quickly. Depending on the size and the team used it usually can be done in less than a few hours. Remember to plan accordingly so that you the platform is set up well in advance. Because the stage is portable it can be moved easily and will always provide your business with a great platform for any event!

Your business knows exactly what type of platform they need and they know how long they will need it. These factors along with many others are why your business needs to determine exactly what type of company they should go with. Sometimes renting is a better option and sometimes purchasing is. Determining which is better for your business is usually determined by your budget and the amount of times you will be using the platform.

Sometimes it is easier to just rent and allow the company to utilise their personnel for all the set-up and take down. This allows you to concentrate on other things and have no worries about what to do with the modular stage once the event is done with. If your business has purchased the platform then you need to determine exactly where you want to put the platform after your event is over for storage. Storing a platform can be costly and may offset the cost difference of renting unless the platform is going to be used enough to justify the cost. Make sure that your business decides what is best for them.