Mondial Assisstance Missed Event Insurance - Get a 100% Refund

14th July 2010

Mondial assistance missed event insurance will help you get will get

100% of the ticket price returned to you, if due to some reason you are

unable to attend an event  such as illness, traffic accidents, travel

delays, or more. This insurance will protect you against unforeseen

circumstances that would cause you to cancel your travel plans. This

will help business travellers to make essential trips safe in the

knowledge that they are fully covered. The insurance cover can be

tailored to help organisations meet their duty of care and enhance

benefit schemes offering business travellers valuable peace of mind. The

demand for this insurance is increasing quite rapidly due to the

growing need of the business travel market. It is quite popular among

many people and especially for events that are costly or are purchased

months in advance.

Mondial assistance missed event insurance

provides coverage if you are unable to make it to an event for a number

of different reasons like sudden medical emergencies, mechanical

breakdown on the way to an event, injury or serious and unforeseen

illness to you, a covered family member, or anyone accompanying you or

death of a family member or companion. This insurance also provides

protection against a lay-off.  

There are so many traffic

accidents everyday or a flight delay or delay in other common carrier,

which could prevent you from attending an event. Flood, fire, burglary,

vandalism, or natural disasters may make your home or business

uninhabitable, which is also covered. providing

Should you have

to cancel your travel for some reason, you'll be reimbursed for your

ticket price, including any taxes or shipping charges, if you have taken

out Mondial assistance missed event insurance.

You may not get

refund pre paid, non-refundable payments if you have to cancel due to

any pre existing medical condition on the day you purchased the

insurance. The insurance cover must be purchased separately for each

event. If you change your mind you can get your money back within 10

days of purchasing the event ticket insurance, and will get a full

refund of premium. However, you might not get any refunds after 10 days

of purchasing the product.

What if something unexpected happens

on your way to the big game and you are unable to use your tickets? This

innovative specialty insurance will help you get the full reimbursement

for tickets to major sporting and entertainment events if you cannot

attend as a result of sickness, loss of a job, or a number of other

reasons that are included in the insurance. You can file your claims

online or you may contact the specialist 24 hours a day, seven days a

week, who will let you know what documentation will be required and will

send you a claim form. But

Mondial assistance missed event

insurance is a global leader in specialty insurance and emergency

assistance services, offering especially designed cover to protect your

event ticket investment.