NEC & ESSA reach agreement over testing of plug and play system.

19th May 2010

The NEC and ESSA have reached agreement to undertake a structured testing programme of the venue's new plug and play system to provide all parties with fair and accurate time and costs to make electrical mains available for a show.

Each party will take responsibility for part of the process, the NEC will select a number of shows that cover all aspects encountered across the range of shows resident at the venue and ESSA will be responsible for setting the scope and framework of the measures. 

The testing will take place over an agreed three month period and will endeavour to take into account the maximum number of variables possible within a show. Some of which will include variables such as fully carpeted events, large and small shows, mixed plug and play and existing system installations, both build up and break down including replacing duct covers, and delivery and removal of the mains cables.

Chris Skeith, ESSA Director commented: “The results of the programme of trials will provide ESSA and the NEC with the information needed to find a mutually agreeable solution and a platform from which we can drive new and effective working practices.”