03rd December 2010

New Royal Navy exhibition stand designer named

Apex Exhibition Designs is to work on <a href="http://www.tsnn.co.uk/modular_exhibition_stand/suppliers">modular stands</a> for the Royal Navy, it has been announced.

Apex Exhibition Designs is to work on modular stands for the Royal Navy, it has been announced.

The exhibition stand designer has been selected to design and install a contemporary modular display system in the newly-built HMS Raleigh Heritage Centre.

Commenting on the contract, the company said it was very "pleased" to have been selected for the project.

"We are proud to be included in such a prestigious project, which depicts the achievements of our Royal Navy throughout its long and colourful history," a statement from the firm added.

HMS Raleigh Heritage Centre is located at the Royal Navy's initial training establishment for Ratings at Torpoint, Cornwall.

Earlier this year, Apex Exhibition Designs, which is located in Cheshire, announced that it had won a contract to provide stands to Faun Trackway.

The Anglesey-based supplier of portable terrain access systems had hired the firm to provide a creative solution to display its precision hardware at global defence shows.