11th November 2009

Obtaining a Credit Card Imprinter For Special Events and Exhibitions

Most businesses these days are set up to accept credit cards. They can accept credit cards online, by mail, by telephone, or at the point of sale.

Most businesses these days are set up to accept credit cards. They

can accept credit cards online, by mail, by telephone, or at the point

of sale. However, there are often times when a business must be able to

accept payment cards when they are away from their place of business,

such as at events and Expos. One option that enables you to accept

plastic cards in a 'mobile' venue is a credit card imprinter. These

imprinters are not as outdated as one may think, and many businesses

still use them today at their business location.

In the past,

this method of accepting credit cards was pretty much the only option

available. The only really good thing about this option was the ability

to take the device with you wherever you went, as there is no

electricity or connection that is needed for these devices. An imprint

of the card was made, and the credit card companies supplied merchants

with booklets that had lists of payment card numbers that were valid.

The booklets were updated monthly and sent to merchants, and when a

merchant accepted the credit card, and used the credit card imprinter,

they looked up the number in the booklet, or they called the card

processing company to make sure that the card was good.


today we need faster and more reliable ways of getting the needed

information from the customer and making sure that the payment card is

good. Consumers demand security and safety when they hand us their

plastic cards or give us their payment card numbers, and the most

secure way to use a payment card, as most consumers now know is with

the use of the latest technology for encryption. If you aren't using a

higher standard of encryption technology than an old credit card

imprinter, you risk losing a great deal of business, since most

consumers do not want you or anybody else to have an actual imprint of

their payment card.

If purchasing a mobile card payment terminal

isn't financially feasible for you, there are lease options available

to you. You can lease these terminals for longer periods or short

periods, although in most cases, the company that you lease from will

have a minimum length for the lease - typically three days. Often, this

short lease period option is even cheaper than the money that you would

spend for an unacceptable - in the minds of the consumers -

non-technical credit card imprinter, and obviously, it is much more


You can get leases for these terminals on the Internet,

and the terminal is delivered to you about one day before your actual

lease period starts, and you return it one day after your lease period

ends. The company that you lease from generally pays for the delivery

both ways. When you receive your terminal, it will be ready to use -

the company sets everything up for you prior to delivery of the device,

and technical support is available during your lease period as well.