13th July 2010

One Day Event Insurance - Don't Risk It Not Even For A Day

Are you planning an event? Will it be a short one? If so then you likely need one day event insurance to go along with your event planning.

Are you planning an event?  Will it be a short one?  If so then you

likely need one day event insurance to go along with your event

planning.  No matter what your event will be there is a policy that is

right for you.  Whether you are throwing a birthday party, selling

plants or crafts on a street corner, holding a county fair, pet shows,

or a bar mitzvah you can protect yourself with insurance.  The shorter

the event and the smaller the number of attendees the lower the cost

your policy will likely be.  Do not be quick to jump at the cheapest

policy though because you will want to ensure you are fully protected

from any possible accident, lowest cost often means less coverage.  


day event insurance can help to protect you and your family or company

from the financial strain of law suits and court rooms.  Your coverage

can be used to pay for medical bills, court fees, and of curse and long

term payouts that might be awarded in court.  Surely you can imagine the

costs when you add medical with court fees and settlements; much better

to let your insurance company pay for that than you have to take it

from your own pocket.  The type of event and the type of people who are

attending your event will affect the insurance rates but with insurance

you can breath easy and know you and those around you are fully


One day event insurance is a great way to protect

yourself and your friends and loved ones from the hardships of financial

ruin.  When you are throwing an event where children will be present

like a birthday party or a county fair the insurance is even more

important.  Children tend to be accident prone and not very 

coordinated, and as parents we know that a parent will do anything to

protect their child, When a child is injured the lawsuits tend to go on

forever and the amount of money a parent asks for is usually enormous;

insurance protects you and your family and company from that risk and


One day event insurance helps people of all kinds, for

example a farmer might buy short term insurance like this for special

events like Easter egg hunts in the spring, or pumpkin patch mazes

during the thanksgiving season, it's not only for parties, or for

community events.  This type of short term event coverage is for anyone

who wants to be protected when people are on or near their property.  No

matter what kind of professional you are there is insurance for you and

your events.  This kind of insurance can save you millions in the long

run, no one wants to think about the bad things that can happen during

an event, but they do happen, and that's why there is one day event

insurance.  Responsible event coordinators know insurance is necessary,

but regular folks who are throwing a gathering rarely think about

insurance until it is too late; don't let that be you.