One Day Event Insurance Is Ideal For One Off Events

22nd June 2010

When can one day event insurance be handy for you? Well, accidents

happen everywhere, whether you are planning a big event or small and

that’s when your event insurance policy comes in handy, making your day

run smoothly and without any hassle. An event offers an invaluable

opportunity to companies and businesses to establish themselves in the

market place and event insurance is a key part of such events. To be on

the safe side, you need to make sure that they you have made an adequate

insurance arrangements, if anything goes wrong.

The most important thing for anyone planning an event is to know that

whatever happens, they are fully covered. In addition to that, this

cover will give the organisers peace of mind in order to run their event

businesses without any worries of getting bankrupt.

• Whether you are planning a single event or whole host of events during

the year, you need to make sure that you are fully covered for all

possible events. You can either purchase insurance for any event,

whether it is a single day or multiple day events or take advantage of

comprehensive one day event insurance policies from some of the

country’s leading insurance providers. Whether it’s a one-off event, a

series of events, a musical concert or an exhibition, the specialist

insurance brokers can help you get the best deals on one or all of them.

• This type of insurance is recommended to anyone considering of running

an event of some kind. It automatically includes public liability and

can be extended to include employers' liability, event equipment and

cancellation, postponement and a whole lot more. Most of these policies

are quite suitable for many high risk businesses and offers protection

against injuries to event workers and even trespassers who may get hurt.

One day event insurance companies can provide a whole host of

insurance for a number of events that include antiques fair insurance,

domestic pets animal show insurance, arts and crafts fair/sale

insurance, artists exhibition insurance, awards presentation insurance,

flower festival insurance and even car boot fair insurance.

• The premium of this type of cover is often based upon the type of

event and the number of people attending your event. You should discuss

the levels of cover with the event insurance broker, as they may vary

according to your needs.

• You can get a quote, by completing an enquiry form for your event

type, and an event insurance broker will then sort everything out for


Planning and running an event can be stressful at times, so you must

always ensure that you have catered for all eventualities by taking into

account all your insurance needs before you get going. A reliable and

flexible one day event insurance cover will protect you from a claim

against you and would give you million pounds levels of cover, against

accidental injuries to those visitors attending the event and damage to

the property of other people.