Online playing a key role for JDJ Exhibitions

22nd October 2010

After launching a new company website earlier this year, JDJ Exhibitions could be forgiven if its focus on its online offerings had lessoned. But, the Pontyclun based-company has no such plans. Instead, JDJ Exhibitions' advertising budget will be increased in order to develop the website, Damien Jones, managing director of the exhibition stand designers, said.

JDJ Exhibitions introduced the new website because it felt the old version was "a bit dated". More and more businesses are looking online to find the services they want and need, so it isn't too surprising that JDJ Exhibitions has decided to continue its focus on its online presence.

But, focusing on people and companies who access the internet on their laptops and desktop PCs isn't enough any longer, if recent research is to be believed.

In fact, the study by Tamar found that more and more people are carrying out searches using smartphones, which means that companies operating in the events industry will also need to factor this into their online marketing plans.

Tanya Goodin, the chief executive of Tamer, said: "Brands will need to revisit their search strategies to plan and implement agile and responsive engagement with their consumers that addresses not only the continual evolution of the search engines but also the migration of users to mobile search."

Numerous other studies have shown that firms are planning to increase their marketing and advertising budgets in order to reach online consumers, a move that JDJ Exhibitions has found to be effective.

Enquires for its services have increased dramatically since the website revamp, with online now accounting for 70 per cent of queries, Mr Jones stated.

"It's meant far more inward enquiries for us," he stated, adding: "The new branding, in conjunction with the new advertising, has meant a massive increase in sales for us. It's been highly-effective."

This rise in demand has been particularly good news for the company, which faced a difficult year during 2008 because of the tough economic climate.

However, the last 12 months have been particularly good for JDJ Exhibitions, he said, especially in Europe.

"European work has increased massively, it's probably accounting for about 60 per cent of our workload. We're working in Cologne, Frankford, Munich, Amsterdam, Paris and also we've been doing a bit of work in the south of France as well."

The company is also doing well in the UK, with the firm finding increased demand for modular exhibiting stands. JDJ Exhibitions focuses on the Linx modular exhibition system, which is described as a "versatile display building system designed for exhibitions, office displays, conferences and marketing events".

"Demand for our modular stands seems to have doubled. We were doing ten to 15 a month, but that's increased to 25 to 30 a month," Mr Jones noted.

He believes that this demand for modular stands is down to budgets. Although companies do not have as much money as previously, most still want a good-quality stand that is affordable and modular stands offer this, he stated.

For now, Mr Jones is feeling optimistic, thanks to the large increase in web enquiries and the company's strong trading position over the last 12 months.

"We hope to concentrate on the modular side of things even more – that's the strong side of our business - and to continue with the European work," he said, adding his aim is to ensure the next 12 months are as good as the previous year has been.