10th November 2009

Options Available For a Mobile Credit Card Terminal

If you are exploring the possibility of using a mobile credit card terminal, there are several decisions that you must make.

If you are exploring the possibility of using a mobile credit card

terminal, there are several decisions that you must make. Those

decisions will often relate to how and where you intend to use the

device, but most commonly, the decisions will have more to do with what

works best for your business, your budget, and your customer's

requirements. Let's take a look at the most common options that must be

considered when you are shopping for these devices.

Should you

lease or purchase the device? Many companies that sell these devices

give you a choice between leasing and purchasing. If you will just be

using the device for one event, obviously you might want to lease.

However, since these devices can be used anywhere, including your usual

business location, you may determine that purchasing, or signing a

longer lease, may be the best business decision you could make, from a

financial standpoint.

What features do you require for your

mobile credit card terminal? Don't make the mistake of thinking that

all terminals have the same features - they don't. Some do not have the

store and forward feature, which could be vitally important depending

on where you will be using the device. Some devices do not print out

receipts, which could be a deal ender for many of your customers. Some

devices will allow you to press in credit card information, but not to

swipe credit cards, which your customers may prefer.

The styles

of devices also vary, in terms of appearance and size. Some are

designed to sit on a counter, desk or other flat surface, and some are

handheld. There are many styles that can be used in either way. Which

style will work best for your business? As with most technological

devices, the smaller the device is, the more it may cost.


you use your current processing company, or will you need a new

processing company? Some processing companies are not set up to process

your credit card transactions when they are conducted with a Mobile Credit Card Terminal. Many of the companies that sell these devices

also offer credit card processing. Check with your current processing

company to see what your options with them are.

While most of

these devices are wireless, this isn't true for all mobile devices.

Some still require access to electricity and telephone lines, but these

are not provided in all venues. Where it is provided, there is

typically an additional charge for the use of these utilities, which

can make the venue a great deal more expensive. In most cases, a

wireless device is best, as they can be used in any venue.