Ordering Folding Chairs for Your Event

3rd December 2009

You have an

event planned, and you know that you need folding chairs for that event. Before

you begin the ordering process, there are many things that you need to know.

Use the information below to make the ordering process very quick and easy, so

that you have the chairs that you need, when you need them.

  • Know how many chairs you need.

    It doesn’t make sense to call the leasing company until you know how many

    chairs that you need. Make a note to ask the salesperson if all of the

    chairs are guaranteed to match as well. You would be surprised at what you

    will end up with if you do not specify that all of the chairs should match

    each other.

  • Order the folding chairs early

    enough. If the event will involve many different companies or displays,

    such as a trade show, you will want and need to order your chairs as soon

    as you know that you will be participating. Otherwise, the leasing

    companies in that area may not have anything available for you.

  • Double check the delivery and

    set up plan. When you initially place your order, find out if the chairs

    will be delivered, or if they must be picked up. If they will be picked

    up, make arrangements for this, and clarify the date and time that they

    will be picked up. If they will be delivered, find out if there is a

    delivery charge, if they will be set up for you – and if there is an

    additional charge for that, and also nail down a specific date and

    delivery time. Call back two weeks before the event to confirm, and again

    a few days before the delivery is supposed to take place.

  • Know what your folding chairs

    options are. Not all chairs are created equally, and you may be surprised

    at the options available to you. Ask if the leasing company has a

    brochure, or if you can visit their site online to see the available

    options. Often, you can get really nice chairs that are far better looking

    than the plain metal chairs that you usually get. In the case of metal

    chairs, however, you typically have a choice for cushioned or plain seats

    as well.

  • Be prepared to make payment.

    Normally, you will need to put down a deposit when you make the order. You

    may even need to pay in full, depending on how the leasing company

    operates. You can easily find this information out in advance, to ensure

    that you will have the funds that will be necessary. Have your credit card

    ready when you make the call.

The process of ordering folding chairs or any exhibition furniture is only

irritating or tedious if you are not fully prepared with the information

required when placing the order. You will also want to specify when you place

the order that you do not want any damaged or unbalanced chairs delivered –

that these chairs should be replaced with chairs that are in excellent shape.