22nd March 2010

Outdoor Banner Stands: an opportunity to expand the horizons of your promotional campaign

The outdoor banner stands will give you an opportunity to expand the horizons of your promotional campaign.

The outdoor banner stands will give you an opportunity to expand the horizons of your promotional campaign. Indeed, why to limit yourself to taking parts in the indoor trade shows or exhibitions when a great number of such events are arranged outdoors? In fact, they have their own advantages, for example in the question of space – everybody knows how crowded a trade show can be, and therefore each company gets very little space for presenting themselves. However, when a trade show goes on under the open sky, such problems do not exist. But of course you cannot use the same banner stand for both indoor and outdoor events: there are some peculiarities you should be aware of.

While choosing a banner among the outdoor banner stands, take into account the following tips:

- A stand should have a weighted base for being wind resistant.
- The graphics of the stand have to be covered with a PVC layer to protect the print from rains and sunlight.
- The print itself should be done by UV inks.
- A system of lighting will help you to prolong the time of displaying your stand even late in the evening.

And now let me explain a little about every point. A weighted base of a stand will help it to stay firm and not affected by winds. How awkward it would be if your stand suddenly falls in the most inappropriate moment. It is understood that the first impression is extremely important if you want to establish a contact with a potential client, and falling outdoor banner stands would give him or her feeling of poor organisation within your company. Perhaps you value banner stands for their portability and would not like to lose this advantage because of heavy base. This will not happen. In most cases the base is empty inside, and you can easily fill it with sand or any other substance when needed.

Rainy weather is a big danger for a stand as well. Even lamination will not protect the graphics from getting spoiled: the water penetrates under the laminated parts. But with a PVC covering you do not have to be preoccupied about unpleasant things like this: polyvinyl chloride covering is completely water resistant. This feature makes the outdoor banner stands protected from the sunlight as well, especially if the graphics are made using the UV inks.

And of course if you cannot count on decent lighting during an outdoor event, you should make sure you have your own lights for the stand. A couple of properly placed lights will be quite sufficient for being able to see the promotional message or illustrations on your banner stand.

Sometimes it is more difficult to attract a person's attention during an outdoor trade show as there are more things to look at. Therefore your banner should be even more eye catching than usual. Use a proper colour combination, for example, yellow and black is very noticeable, or purple and white, or red with most of the colours. But of course the greatest impact would be created if you use the colours of your brand image.

Do not limit yourself only by one kind of promotional events – go different with outdoor banner stands, use the advantages they have to offer and celebrate the success of your advertising campaign.