Outdoor Event Insurance Can Cover Anything From A Sunday Cricket Match To A Large Convention

26th April 2010

In theory, brokers can access the whole outdoor event insurance

market to find the best cover (which may be from combining a number of

separate policies). In practice, however, the special deals for

non-profits are more likely to come from one particular insurer. It is

quite possible, these days to obtain cover to make good the loss

arising from fraud or dishonesty on the part of any of the employees

where they are handling any cash or other valuables. It may even be

possible to extend the cover to include also fraud or dishonesty on the

part of any of the trustees or volunteers. This type of cover cannot a

substitute for sound financial and personnel risk management and is

usually provided only if the company can demonstrate that its

administrative arrangements are both adequate and properly supervised.

• Your outdoor event insurance companies insure almost any event taking

place almost anywhere in the world. Whether your event is a Sunday

Cricket match or a global convention, they have the capacity and the

expertise to protect your event. These companies can offer single event

insurance, multiple event insurance or even annual event insurance -

whatever your needs.

• Your insurance cover may include event

cancellation insurance, event liability insurance and event all risks

insurance. The failure of key, utilities or equipment like power,

lighting, heating, kitchens, sound and fire safety equipment are all

the risks, with the potential to make the venue unavailable.

Most policies are easy to understand and simple to buy. They are

underwritten by one of the most reputable insurers and claims are

handled quickly and with sensitivity. Your outdoor event insurance

cover may, also be obtainable at a reasonable price against the cost of

repairing items which are damaged, or against the cost of investigating

theft and of attempting to recover stolen items. Security measures

should be reviewed in order to reduce the risk of loss and this might

make insurance cover easier to obtain.

• As specialist

providers, these companies offer you insurance that are truly relevant

to your needs. They know the right questions to ask about your plans

and can tailor your insurance to suit your requirements, perfectly.

Whether you are planning a party, staging a large rock concert, or

organising a national flower, motor or music festival, you need to

ensure that you are covered for all possible events that may spoil the

enjoyment of you and your guests when the big day arrives.

In a worst case scenario, the whole event operating budget could be

lost, or you could incur additional costs such as rebooking at another

time or another venue, extra accommodation and subsistence costs, venue

penalties for not vacating on time, plus the profit you might otherwise

have generated from the event. Because all this is at risk, your

insurance needs to be on the agenda early in the event planning

process. You can quite easily buy all the elements of your outdoor

event insurance in one easy package, with absolute confidence.