Outdoor Event Insurance Is Crucial For An Event Of Any Size

5th July 2010

You need to have proper outdoor event insurance in place, or you will

end up losing your entire budget for your event, which will be big

setback for you and your business. Organising an event, whether big or

small may involve many unpredictable risks and things can and often do

go wrong. Always organise several months before the event and make a

short written assessment of the event. Give yourself some extra time to

carry out the risk assessments and also get specialist advice where

necessary.  Try and identify the possible hazards that could occur and

work out a plan how you can control that risk.

• There has been an incredible increase in demand for outdoor event

insurance, as more and more people these days are actively participating

in a broad range of risky activities, including sports etc. Most

companies cater for both annual policies and single one off events which

may spread over a few hours, days or weeks. Your insurance package will

usually include event cancellation insurance, event liability insurance

and event all risks insurance.

• Most events that are usually covered by this insurance would include

product launches, sales conferences, charity fundraising events

fireworks displays, and many other social and corporate gatherings. This

insurance can also be designed for the needs of non-professional sports

enthusiasts, both veterans as well as beginners.

• With so many insurance brokers around the country, you can quite

easily buy all the elements of your outdoor event insurance without any

hassle. Without appropriate insurance, you might have to pay additional

costs such as rebooking at another time or another venue, extra

accommodation and subsistence costs, venue penalties for not vacating on

time, as well as the profit you might otherwise have generated from the


• Apart from very high levels of indemnity issues or where the event is

of a very large scale or of an unusually hazardous nature, most

insurance providers can help you buy the policy online. They also

provide price comparisons from the whole of the insurance market.

Whether it is a small party in your house, a club sports day or the

social event of the year, these experts can provide event insurance

tailored to your exact requirement. These specialists can offer a number

of distinctive options to their valued clients or partners and help

them get a product at a reasonable price.

• Most of these policies are quite simple to understand, with the

application process being quite accurate and convenient as well.

Many people and companies run events all year round and all this is at

risk, therefore the insurance needs to be on the agenda early in the

event planning process. Most commercial and household policies do not

cover every aspect of your event and for that you will require

comprehensive and reliable outdoor event insurance. This insurance will

give you a complete peace of mind in situations where accidents are

commonplace and the costs incurred after the accidents can be high.