11th May 2010

Overhead Projector Hire Is A Common Need for Event Organising

Overhead Projectors which are also known as OHPs are used to project and enlarge an image which is on a transparent sheet onto a distant screen for easy viewing.

Overhead Projectors which are also known as

OHPs are used to project and enlarge an image which is on a transparent sheet

onto a distant screen for easy viewing. It is quite an old type of device, yet,

widely used in businesses, schools, colleges and universities. Places such as

these have their own projectors as they are required very frequently. However,

an Overhead Projector Hire is required for events such as conferences,

meetings, exhibitions and similar events. Companies and persons, who won’t

require the use of this electronic device often, opt for a daily rental – as

and when required or if required for period of time, they settle in for a long

term lease.

When the machine is rented out, most of the

rental companies offer the required accessories as well, such as,

transparencies, overhead projector trolleys, projection screens which are in

varied sizes etc.

Before renting out the projector make sure

that it has all, or at least most the features that are required to produce a

clear picture, such as:

  • Dual lamp
  • Folding arm
  • High/low brightness control
  • Colour fringe control
  • Safety cut out
  • Whisper quiet operation

When you call your rental agent for your

Overhead Projector Hire, you can discuss all the important bits of information

and check its availibility, before committing yourself to hire it.

A vital point to keep in mind is that the

projector should allow the presenter to write down ideas and points as the

discussions are going on, so that it can be projected instantly onto the screen

in order that the attending delegates can take the notes down. This is a very

convenient feature that most projectors should offer.

If you are a person/company who hires

overhead projectors often, it is important to be familiar with the different

types of projectors so that you will be able to request for the right one

according to your event’ requirement. There are 3 general types of projectors:

  • Transmissive
  • Reflective
  • Opaque

Transmissive: These projectors are generally comprised of a base with a

transparent stage area, a light source inside the base, a projection head

mounted above the stage and a condensing lens system located near the stage for

directing the light towards the projector head. 

Above the base is a projection head which includes lenses and a mirror

which functions to gather light from the projector base and redirects it to the

distant screen. The projection head is supported by a post as it is necessary

to be adjusted so that the projected image on the screen may be brought into


Reflective: A reflective overhead projector is used for presentation of an

image to number of viewers.

Opaque: Opaque projectors are similar to the Reflective projectors but are

able to project images of opaque materials and three dimensional objects in

addition to transparencies.

From these three types of basic overhead

projector systems, the Transmissive Projector is the larges and heaviest.

Overhead Projector Hire is a common

requirement for event organising. If you don’t own a machine it is always

advantageous to have a sound knowledge of its technology so that you will hire

the most appropriate unit for the organised event.