04th March 2010

Patio Chair Covers Help to Protect Furniture throughout the Year

Patio chair covers are a great way to protect your furniture against the harsh elements, which it may be subjected to in any given season.

Patio chair covers are a great way to protect your furniture against the harsh elements, which it may be subjected to in any given season. No matter whether you live in a sunny mild climate or a colder climate with a lot of snow, the covers will keep the dirt, dust, sunlight and rain off your chairs.

Here are some of the features that these covers have and the resulting benefits that they have to offer. First of all, they will keep your chairs clean. Thus, day-to-day cleaning of your patio furniture will not be required anymore. Your outdoor furniture pieces will be ready for use anytime you need.

Secondly, they will keep your furniture looking great longer. Modern patio chair covers resist cracking, scratching, and fading of the furniture. They also are highly water resistant, and capable of preventing mould and mildew build-up. “Breathing” materials and covers with special vents will reduce the condensation build-up and allow heat to escape from the inside, as well as reduce the ballooning of the cover in high winds.

The present-day covers are also quite fashionable, and can add to the overall look of your patio. The most commonly used colours are neutral taupe and hunter green. Some designs are reversible - you can use them with either side. The most common materials are PVC coated heavyweight polyester or PVC coated vinyl. Polyester is considered to be a more heavier-duty material than vinyl, but vinyl is easier to wash. Both types of material are fade-resistant and weather-resistant. They can serve you for many years, and not loose one bit of their looks.

Patio chair covers have many other advantages. They don’t require any care, unless you decide to wipe them off from dust and dirt just to keep them looking clean. They are very easy to care for - just clean them with soapy water. They stay on even in windy conditions. Their fabric will not crack in cold weather. It's very easy to put them on - they easily slip over the chairs, and are secured by fasteners, making for a custom-like fit. Moreover, one large cover can enable you to cover a few stackable chairs.

If you have non-standard or very large chairs on your patio, it’s best to measure them prior to purchasing new patio chair covers. You only need to measure a few basic things - length, width, and height of your chairs.

Covers typically come with a one year limited warranty. However, they can serve you for years and years to come. The only issue is a slight discoloration that may become visible as the years go by. Other than that, they can virtually last forever.

There are numerous vendors offering covers of different designs. Make sure to shop around to get any of these for the best price.

Your patio (terrazzo, veranda) furniture is a valuable investment that you want to protect the best way. Today, it’s easy to achieve just that by protecting your patio furniture through the seasons with the aid of patio chair covers.