Pdq machine: the new generation of credit car machines

18th January 2010

A pdg machine is one of the numerous names of a credit card processing equipment, and over the last several years it has become one of the must have things for a farsighted and progressive business owner. A new generation of credit card machines combines the qualities of traditional equipment and advantages of the new achievements in the sphere of modern technologies. 

Yes, the credit card machines of today are still preferable in comparison with cash or check payments due to the safety of operations, easy recording of the purchases and all the accounting processes connected with them. And, of course, one of the biggest attractions is the ability to avoid handling the cash, counting, calculating, giving out change and so on.

On the other hand, a modern pdq machine gains some extra points from its users thanks to its mobility, small size, light weight and comfortable way to use. Now there is not need to restrain yourself conducting the sales only from your office or shop: numerous events on the go expand the horizons for your business and give a chance for large volume sales.

Numerous exhibitions, trade shows, sport events, festivals, seminars, seasonal fairs and sales, presentations are meant not only for advertising and studying the offerings of your competitors, but for actual sales as well. It is not wise to loose the opportunity to boost your sales when you are in contact with hundreds if not thousands of potential consumers.

A pdg machine is also irreplaceable if you are self-employed businessman, if your business is home-based on involves the payments on the clients' site. If your company provides the services of plumbing, delivering the goods, carpentering, repairing, cleaning, gardening, taxi driving and so on, it is inevitable for you to have a mobile credit card machine.

Gone to the past the times when people were hesitant about processing credit cards with the help of portable devices: their compact size and kind of humble look were not trustworthy enough in comparison with a bulky stationary item. In the world of today the things have changed: we use tiny mobile phones, photo cameras, mp3 players which serve their purpose equally well. A small pdq machine does not get any scornful and distrustful attitude anymore.

Besides, everybody tries to get as much wireless as it actually possible, using cells, notebooks and other equipment. A portable credit card machine uses the GPRS network for processing the transactions, and the process is safe and comfortable thanks to the advanced features of the item. For example, you have a chance to conduct the operations even in the most remote places with no signal.  A “save and forward” option will make it possible to save the credit card information and to confirm transaction at once, while processing will take place as soon as you are in the zone of coverage.

Besides, a pdg machine helps you to identify an expired credit card, so you have an opportunity to ask for alternative method of payment at once. A swiping feature makes the whole process more secure and much less messy in comparison with printing the credit cards numbers.

These are only few advantages offered by a pdq terminal. A wide range of models and flexible price policy make it possible for every business owner, no matter how tight their budget might be, to get an appropriate item and to experience all the advantages by their own.