Personal relationship opportunities 'could see firms investing in conference equipment'

29th December 2009

One of the key drawbacks to video conferencing technology is the lack of personal relationships, which could lead more companies to invest in conference equipment instead.

The Video Conferencing blog suggests that some of the key drawbacks to virtual meetings is that it can be a lot easier to misunderstand something that a speaker says.

Jokes or comments could be more hurtful when the recipient is unable to tell that the other party is saying these things in jest, it claims, highlighting the advantages of conference equipment.

"Another disadvantage of audio conferencing is that the quality of the call declines as additional locations are added," the blogger asserts.

When there are large numbers of people engaged in a meeting and people are talking over one another, this can further reduce the usefulness of this system, event organisers may be interested to discover.

In other news, the number of bookings at the Business Travel and Meetings Show have increased, suggesting that there has been an upturn in interest in the industry.