Pop Up Exhibition Stand Is An Eye Catching Part Of Your Event Set Up

6th May 2010

With a pop up exhibition stand it is much easier to get noticed and

remembered at all sorts of trade fairs, shows, and exhibitions, where

you have to compete for the visitor's attention with hundreds of

companies. These days there are lots of methods to popularise your

business: advertisements in mass media, branded strategies, spreading

the awareness of your company online. Still taking part in trade shows

remains one of the popular ways to get in contact with potential

clients and win their preferences. For this purpose, you need something

extremely effective and original to stand out of the crowd. One of the

most popular choices – a pop up exhibition stand.

Imagine a crowded trade show where every business owner tries to

represent himself in best possible way. Hundreds of participants and

probably thousands of visitors – would it be effective to use a bulky

construction, which is usually exceedingly difficult to set up and

relocate? No. You need something to provide you flexibility and

mobility – and a pop up item is a perfect item with such

characteristics. You can easily set it up within seconds, and if

necessary – to change your location for a more profitable one. Or

perhaps you would like to visit several promotional events in the

course of a single day – with a pop up exhibition stand it is not a


Besides, it is easy to transport this stand: pop up parts can be taken

separately if needed. Or the whole set can be put into a carrying case

or bag – and there is no need to hire a special vehicle to move your

stand to a place of your destination.

As a active and progressive business owner, you probably a very busy

person who knows the value of time. With this kind of stands thee is no

need to waste your precious hours for setting up, arranging things,

transporting and relocation an exhibition unit – with a pop up

exhibition stand it is so easy that you can trust any employee of yours

to do everything perfectly well.

This stand consists of a frame and replaceable panels, and you should

pay attention a material they are made of, their size and design. For

example, a frame should be strong, durable and reliable, but by all

means not heavy and awkward. You can opt for aluminium, plastic or

wooden frame. As for the panels they can be made of fabrics, but other

options are available as well – just make a primary search before

discussing the matter with a manufacturer or contractor.

But even if your pop up exhibition stand suddenly starts to give

troubles – do not worry, most of the providers gives a long term

warranty period, so your problem can be easily fixed.  Usually the

quality of their products is excellent, so it is not an exception to

get a pop up stand with a life time warranty.

And last but not least – for better effect your pop up unit should be

properly customised to enhance the brand image of your company and to

make all the difference when you are surrounded by all those

competitors with similar products and services.

An effective customisation combined with general features of pop up

exhibition stands will make your way to success much easier and even

more interesting to pursue.