18th January 2010

Portable credit card machines and theirs advantages

There are lots of new equipment pieces on the market which are advertised a lot, but do not seem to be that useful.

There are lots of new equipment pieces on the market which are advertised a lot, but do not seem to be that useful. Portable credit card machine are not like that, though. Numerous business owners have already had a chance to appreciate all the advantages of this small and humble looking device.

Mobility is highly valued nowadays, that is why we try to get rid of wires wherever it is possible, especially for the “on the go” situations: the whole world prefers sell phones to the stationary apparatus, compact notebooks to the bulky computers, mp3 players to the wired recorders etc. Wise businessmen will consider the possibilities of these devices not only for personal comfort, but for the potential of their company as well. Wireless, easy to carry and comfortable in use portable credit card machines can in hands of a farsighted business owner will open some new horizons for his or her organisation.

Is it possible to take an old fashioned credit card processing machine to a trade show? Of course, but it will take time and efforts to install it over there, not to mention that you will be always dependent on the electricity. Besides, it will be necessary to hire a phone line to be able to proceed with your customers' credit cards, and it will definitely involve unnecessary and unwanted additional expenses.

In any case, very often trade shows and seasonal fairs take place under the open sky, and under such circumstances it would be extremely difficult to use a wired credit card terminal over there. However, with portable credit card machines you do not have to bother about such problems – the statement about new horizons is more than suitable in this situation.

Of course, it is possible to attend a trade show, fair, exhibition, movable presentation, seminar and other events without an equipment to accept credit cards. Still people can get interested in your products and pay by cash and checks. But no matter what kind of business you have and regardless the size and peculiarities of your company, in our technological time it is more than important to be able to accept credit cards.

In many cases people prefer to carry plastic cards instead of cash, it is easier to make large purchase that way. With portable credit card machines you give your customers a chance to make that large purchase quickly and comfortably. And it is crucial to keep in mind that in a trade show you compete with dozens of companies with similar products or services, and potential customers will consider the conveniences offered by every company.

Besides, purchases are often made on impulse. If a client is deprived of the possibility to pay by credit card, there is no guarantee that tomorrow he will have time or inclination to come some other day to your office where you keep a credit card terminal. That is why not having portable credit card machines means loosing precious opportunities, which is unacceptable on the way to success in a business world.