Portable Exhibition Display Stands Are Great For Your Event

24th May 2010

Portable exhibition display stands are unarguably one of the most reliable and cost effective way of advertising for any company, no matter what type of business or industry, it is. There is much competition to draw the foot traffic to your exhibition stand and this is something that can only be achieved by putting careful thought into your selection of your display. It’s always a good idea to pre plan first or speak to experts in the field, who can help you to establish the variety of exhibition stand which is most suitable for you. There are many different things which can be considered when devising the choice, design and layout of an exhibition stand but the results of putting in that extra bit of effort with your exhibition stand really do speak for themselves.

• For your next exhibition or promotional event always choose extremely robust, lightweight, portable and innovative portable exhibition display. It is easy-to-handle, there are no loose bits and pieces and no tooling is required. Just think for your next exhibition and you can build it yourself - simply pull out, twist, lock the integral connectors, stack the frame runs one on top of another and unfold.

• In addition to being lightweight and portable, it also has specially designed, patented frames which provide two panel options, the base panels, which are located within the frame, and the action panels, which can be popped in and out of the frame at, will. This means that your display can have a different look, exhibition after exhibition. It is quite ideal for retailers who are looking for a high impact way of highlighting a product or retail sale and the flexibility and ease of use, makes it the perfect marketing material.

• There are companies which specialise in the production and supply of the markets finest quality banner stands, modular exhibition stands, portable exhibition display and exhibition display stands. From a single banner stand or roller banner to an elaborate configuration of pop-up stands, they can undertake the largest of projects.

• Many of the modular exhibition stands, portable exhibition stands and exhibition display stands come with a lifetime guarantee against manufacture defect, so you can be assured of the durability of the stands you receive. They supply accessories, which can be used to complement an exhibition stand, with the added attraction of being a portable display that can be taken to other events throughout the year – whether it's to stand in a hotel lobby during a conference, to attract audiences during an event or trade show, or to highlight your product in a retail environment

• They are available in a wide range of sizes and can be combined with towers to produce a more custom built effect.

Portable exhibition display stands offer you a chance to fulfill a wide range of marketing objectives, from building on client relationships, to selling and pushing a particular product, or simply raising the visibility of your company amongst your clients and competitors.