Power to potentially cost more at the NEC under its new electrical regime.

16th February 2010

Following last week's announcement by the NEC of the introduction of a two tier

price system, the group of ESSA members who undertake over 90% of the

installations at the venue, has advised that this action could ultimately

compromise build up & break down times and increase the cost to operate at

the venue.

Despite almost three years of consultation with the NEC, the

group comprising of representatives from Early Action Group Ltd, Joe Manby Ltd,

Melville Exhibition & Event Services Ltd, Showlite Ltd and Stanco

Exhibitions (Part of the Opex Group), has concluded that the discounted tariff

will not work, because;

It will:

  • cost users more to receive the same service they receive


  • further exacerbate the existing issue of collapsed build

    up and break down times

  • necessitate the review of existing tenancy agreements
  • provide no visible benefits other than to the NEC
  • provide no savings to organisers or exhibitors

The companies in this group will continue to work at

the NEC under the existing tariff. However, the greatest concern for everyone

who operates at the NEC is when this option will be removed.