05th May 2010

Professional Stands At Reasonable Cost With An Imagine Banner Stand

An imagine banner stand is an excellent solution for those who want professional stands at a reasonable cost.

An imagine banner stand is an excellent solution for those who want

professional stands at a reasonable cost. Using an innovative cassette

based stand that is easy to use and very simple to exchange banners

with, it is possible to use one type of stand for all of your different

exhibitions. This is particularly useful for those who attend a lot of

varied events or presentations. By simply changing out the banner in the

stand, you can easily transport a variety of banners and stands that

weigh very little and also take up only a small amount of space.

However, it is important that you make good decisions regarding which

banners you use with your stands to maximize the effectiveness of your


The first step to purchasing an imagine banner stand is to have a good

idea of the type of presentations that you would like to do. Knowing how

you want your exhibits to look will greatly ease the design process for

the banners. Because the banners are fit into cassettes, it is

important that you know what you want in advance. This will help you

know exactly how many stands you need to order, as well as know what

types of banners you need designed. If you are careful in your approach

on banners, you can purchase the right number of stands for your needs

as well as ensure you have the right banners for your presentation.

Once you have determined what imagine banner stand setup that you need,

you will need to make certain that you give yourself enough time to

place the order before you event. As each banner cassette has to be made

custom for your business, it takes anywhere between three to five days

for the banners to be constructed. If you are ordering a high number of

banners, you may need to allow for extra time. If you are just ordering

the hardware, you can expect a two to three day delay prior to shipping

so that the hardware is made to your specifications. The delay for

shipping is based off of your preferences. It is suggested that you

order your banner stands several weeks before an event so that you have

enough time to deal with any potential delays.

The customizations on your imagine banner stand setup typically involve

the banner designs. You will have the choice of making your own designs

or using the creative teams at imagine. If you are using services to

create your banner, you will need to allow for extra time. The time it

takes for the art departments to finish their work on your banner can

vary on your requirements. The more complex that your banner designs

are, the longer that it will take for your order to be ready. If you are

interested in complex banner designs, you should also be aware that the

banners will be more expensive. The costs of banners vary depending on

how they are printed, the number of colours required and the materials

that they are made of. Because of this, you will want to ensure that you

request a quote for your design concepts.