05th May 2010

Promote Your Business Efficiently With A Flexible Barracuda Banner Stand

Barracuda banner stand has many great visual properties, which is a key in point of sale and exhibition environments.

Barracuda banner stand has many great visual properties,

which is a key in point of sale and exhibition environments. It is especially

designed to exactly fit your brief budget, and will adapt to all your display

stand needs, whatever the space or event. This item will increase your return

on investment rapidly, the more events you attend. It can allow you to make

your point and sell your company products or services to your potential

customers. This item is perhaps the most common nowadays and just the right option for you, especially if you

are planning to take part in an exhibition show. It also offers cost effective,

convenient and efficient way to promote your company or brand name.

  • Barracuda banner stand comes in relatively new

    models with a satin anodised aluminium finish which looks really pleasing to

    the eye. The new style banner has lost some of its bullet proof robustness

    however, it is tough enough for several years of regular use if cared for


  • This stand comes complete with a padded bag and

    an additional padding can also be used if the banner is couriered. The pole has

    a twist lock mechanism that enables banner extension between the range of one

    meter up to around two meters. In order to assemble it, you can simply pull the

    graphic up and hook it over the top of the stand pole. It has lock telescopic

    pole with integral pole storage in the base. The Barracuda is a highly

    recommended display system that takes only around a minute to assemble.

  • Barracuda banner stand is a very popular, strong

    but stylish banner, ideal for simple displays or exhibitions. It is the most

    feature-rich single-sided roller banner available and has been specially

    designed for maximum convenience and ease of use. The designers have worked really hard to ensure that

    they can create an impact, making this item ideal for, one off events and

    shows. The units of this stand have a banner tensioning feature

    which can be tightened to increase strength and reduce banner curling. This

    ensures time after time your graphic banner panel will constantly appear tight

    and flat.

  • This tool is great to fit neatly into a quality

    foam padded carry bag and comes complete with custom printed graphics. It is

    known for being portable so you can transport these display boards from one

    venue to another easily. It has fabulous visual features and strong mechanical


Barracuda banner stand is unarguably, one of the

best ways to promote any kind of business, so you need to make sure that you

consider purchasing high quality display stands for your exhibition. It would allow you to take advantage

of the free

stand design service to have your exhibition stands

reconfigured for different stand spaces during the course of the year. If

it's the flexibility, which you need event after event, then this innovative stand

is always the right choice, which can be adapted time and again for all your

exhibition needs.