Protect You From Huge Financial Losses With A Public Liabilities Insurance

3rd June 2010

Public liabilities insurance

is often considered a thing of minor importance by business owners who


going to start out, but in fact it is one of the most essential

insurances for

a company, especially a small one. It is meant to protect you from

paying thousands

pounds as a compensation in case of an accident. If

an accident occurs at your place of

business and you are not protected by insurance, you might end up paying


the medical bills of an injured person, compensation for the damaged


and legal fees in case you have to attend a court. Of course, for a


business it is a considerable amount which can injure your financial


especially if you are just starting a business or has just recovered

from hard


Public liabilities insurance

sometimes even cover not only your place of business, but also the


outside your office and even your private place for parking in case you


one. Generally speaking, this type of insurance has different variations

depending on the providing company and your type of business. That is

why it is

necessary to contact a few companies in order to select the best


option. Study the subject carefully, ask your broker for help, learn


point of policy, so you will know exactly what your company can count on


case of an accident. Apply for a quote online, and you will know the

approximate coverage you can get from your insurance.


you think that your business is not connected with

any risk and therefore does not require to be protected by public liabilities insurance. However,

accidents can

happen even in the safest place. For example, a person may sprain an

ankle on

the wet floor, or to be injured by a falling exhibition stand, or to

slip on

the staircase – you never know what is going to happen next moment, it

is just

impossible to predict. That is why any business that involves face to


contact with people, no matter whether they are staff members, clients


simple visitors, should require this sort of insurance. The insurance


contractors, delivery men, postmen and so on – anybody who needs to

visit your

place of business.


are not legally obliged to have public

liabilities insurance, unless you run a horse riding school or an

outdoor pursuit company. However, it is highly recommended to have this

insurance if you want to concentrate on your business without expecting


most unpleasant law suits all the time.


amount you pay for insurance is very small in comparison

with a compensation you would have to pay otherwise, that is why there

is no

need to hesitate whether to get it. Consider it not an additional

expense, but

a measure of protection. Very often this insurance prevents a business


being ruined. In these financially tough times there is always a danger


your business can get targeted as an easy prey, and public

liabilities insurance is there for your protection.