Public Employers Liability Insurance - Cover Accidents In and Around The Working Enviroment

14th July 2010

Public employers’ liability insurance covers a large number of different

happenings in the work place from workplace accidents, missed

contracts, and accidental death or dismemberment in the workplace. In

most countries it is a legal requirement to have this type of insurance

but in some countries it is still an optional thing. Having insurance

for these types of things is very important because as you can imagine

it can become extremely expensive to be continually sued by employees

and their families in the event of and accident that results in death or

even injury. People without insurance for these types of things can

easily find themselves paying out thousands and in some cases millions

in compensation to the employees and families of employees who were

injured or killed in the workplace.  

Some public employers’

liability insurance coverage plans can also cover accidents that occur

involving non-employees in your workplace such as a customer, or

neighbouring business persons visiting your office or shop and other

such people.  When you are shopping for your insurance policy you will

want to talk to your broker about the scope of the coverage that they

recommend and what the optional add on features are.  Like in many other

cases the cheapest insurance is usually not the best insurance because

when you start cutting price you start dramatically cutting coverage as

well and that can leave you in a really bad spot financially if you

experience an accident.

Public employers liability insurance can

be purchased from just about all of the insurance companies out there

with the exception of companies that only offer limited insurance like

those that only offer auto insurance or only health insurance.  Most

companies can either offer you the insurance you are looking for or they

can at least point you in the right direction to find the best

insurance.  In some cases you can easily purchase your desired insurance

right on the company's website without ever needing to visit their

office.  Whenever possible insurance companies are trying to keep their

pricing competitive and their services easy to obtain so that they can

keep their current customers and hopefully get some new ones from their


Public employers’ liability insurance providers can

be found all over on the internet but choosing a company can still be

tough.  Many of the smaller companies that are less known publicly may

offer great deals and low premiums but more often than not you are

better off choosing a company that is more mainstream and well known

because they are more likely to pay out with less stalling and

avoiding. There are some cases however where smaller companies can in

fact offer effective insurance policies for business owners.  Shopping

around will help you to find the companies that are reputable and the

ones that are a little more shady.  In any event you should have little

to no trouble finding a company that can meet the needs of your