Public Liability Events Insurance Is Essential For Public Events

1st July 2010

Public liability events insurance policies will cover claims where

members of the public are involved like a festival, fair, music concert,

play or sporting event. People these days, fully understand their right

and know how to make a compensation claim. If something does go wrong

at your event, and someone makes a claim against you, it could cost you a

fortune, but with this insurance in place, you need not worry. You need

to have necessary plans to face any future challenges with confidence

and without any pressure.

This cover will allow you to pay for the legal fees, costs and expenses

that are incurred in connection with the defense of any claim made

against you, as well as the expenses that can be incurred for your

representation at a court or at proceedings in respect of any alleged

breach of statutory duty resulting in injury or damage.

• Your public liability events insurance will back you up against any

claims made against you and also against any loss of earnings if the

event is cancelled or abandoned due to reasons beyond your control. You

can also get employer’s liability, cancellation insurance and property

insurance as one package in your cover plan.

• Any damage to the venue, building or arena used for the event is also

covered under this type of insurance. You would not normally require any

form of liability insurance by law, however you could become liable if,

for example, you are using some sort of equipment which may cause

injury, accident or damage.

• Public liability events insurance can help you cover the claim made by

a member of the public who sustained injury by tripping over a wet

floor or due to defective paving stone or anyone attending your event

becomes injured due to your negligence. While organising a major event

which is likely to attract a significant attendance, you have the

responsibility to plan ahead by discussing with the local authority and

other emergency services and to follow their advice on issues of public

safety and order.

• The premium and conditions of cover vary according to the type of

event and the insurer and the quotes for each policy will generally

depend on the number of people and type of event. You can get insurance

for a minimum number of people or for a maximum insurable amount.  If

you are planning to organise risky events, you must speak to an advisor


• With this type of cover, you can pay compensation and claimant's costs

and expenses in case of accidental injury to any person and damage to

material property etc.

As an organiser or business owner the responsibility of any event, big

or small lies onto you. Therefore, it’s your duty to plan your big day

carefully and, get comprehensive and reliable public liability events

insurance before the start of an event. Failure to arrange for an

appropriate insurance plan might bankrupt your business or ruin your

reputation, should the worst occur.