02nd June 2010

Public Liability Insurance Companies Prevent You From Losing Money

It is highly unlikely that all the business owners are aware of public liability insurance companies' existence, but earlier or later they have to find that out.

It is highly unlikely that all the

business owners are aware of public liability insurance

companies' existence, but earlier or later they have to find that out.

And in many cases “earlier” is much more preferable than “later”. These

companies provide public liability insurances in order to shield companies from

paying large amounts of money in case an employee, visitor, client, courier or

customer gets injured in an accident on their place of business.

This insurance also provides a coverage

for a damaged property of the third party under similar circumstances. If you

run a small business, getting this insurance should be one of the most

important things you keep in mind. It is mistaken to think that insurance is

not a thing of the first necessity.

Public liability insurance

companies will help you to avoid paying huge amounts out of your

wallet, and therefore you will be able to save your finances from being

seriously injured. Of course, different businesses have different levels or

risks involved in the process of everyday work, however, accidents can happen

most unexpectedly even in the safest surrounding.

When we speak of an accident, you

probably imagine a manufacturing factory with heavy machinery or a building

ground. But in fact an accident can occur at a staircase when a person stumbles

and falls down, at a party when your asthmatic guest stops breathing because of

smoke of the cigarettes, or even in your own office when your employee or a

client slips on a wet floor. Legally you are liable for all these misfortunes,

and public liability insurance companies are

there to help you.

If you have this sort of insurance, you

will get coverage for all the medical bills of the third party, like calling

the ambulance, various tests, 

hospitalisation or surgery. 

Needless to say these bills might be exorbitant,and if your company has

just recovered from serious financial problems, it would be extremely

unpleasant to pay those bills out of your pocket. Moreover, insurance covers

even the legal fees in case you are asked to visit a court.

An insurance company will need to know

some particular information in order to grant you public liability insurance.

Contacting one of the public liability insurance

companies, you should get ready to answer a number of questions

concerning the type of business you run, public events you usually throw,

number of people you invite, number of employees you hire. Also, they will ask

you about the minimal and maximal amount of coverage you expect. It is

crucially important to concentrate on every point of the policy you are offered

in order to avoid misunderstandings, disappointments and unpleasant surprises.

Try to check out at least a few

insurance companies before making your choice. Their terms, conditions and

prices will not be the same, and you should select the most suitable variant

for your company.

Some public

liability insurance companies can offer you a very cheap option – it is

very tempting to accept it, but remember that your final target is not a cheap

insurance, but a functional one.