Public Liability Insurance For Events Is Required By Some Councils and Organisations

30th April 2010

Your public liability insurance would cover the property you have

been using for the event. If you are a small company or a self-employed

tradesman, your livelihood could be ruined by one little mistake, which

might not be your own fault. You must always plan a safe event in order

to reduce that risk; however, it may not be that easy at times. In

today's contentious society, this type of insurance is even more

important than ever. More and more people, instead of accepting that

loss or damage, which can happen by accident, are encouraged to believe

that it must have been through someone's negligence, and as a result,

they would just make a claim. Your cover can be arranged for up to

millions of pounds, and is now often a requirement for most corporate


• Now a days, many councils and organisations are demanding that public

liability insurance for events must be in place before they allow

anyone to use their buildings, grounds or playing fields being used for

leisure purposes such as exhibitions, fetes, parties or whatever.

The premium is often dependent upon the number of people attending your

event. You should always discuss the event insurance cover levels and

limits of cover and policy details with the event insurance broker,

when they telephone you. It covers you as the organiser against any

claims from any staff that you might employ for the event. The premium

tends to be in relation to the number of staff which you employ for the


• Your public liability insurance may also cover your

event against cancellation or abandonment, postponement, failure to

vacate, adverse weather and rainfall affected and any other eventuality

beyond the control of the organiser of the event. The levels of cover

may also vary depending on your event needs and you should discuss

these with the event insurance broker.

• Such insurance can

be useful for larger street parties. The risks at most street parties

are usually low and so the risk of liability to organisers and councils

is low. This cover is ideal for your party, celebration, exhibition,

fireworks display and sports competition.

• To obtain a quote

you just need to complete a simple events insurance enquiry form for

your event type, and an event insurance broker will get in touch with

you directly by telephone to give you a quote for your event.

There have been huge rises in premium costs in the last few years, for

public liability insurance for events. Even more stressful is the fact

that fewer and fewer insurers are offering policies, making it ever

harder to get underwriters to cover particular risks. Due to the

increase in duties imposed on employers and the rights given as well as

ease of access to compensation, a similar increase in insurance claims

has arisen and as a result premiums have increased. This has forced

many businesses to increase their prices to pay for the costs.