03rd June 2010

Public Liability Insurance for Self-Employed – Specifically customised for your Business

If you are a self-employed person who handles your work on your own, it is important that you invest on an insurance that meets your individual requirements.

If you are a self-employed person who handles

your work on your own, it is important that you invest on an insurance that

meets your individual requirements. It is crucial and vital that you have the

right type of insurance since you got to be protected against any unexpected

and uncalled for incidents and situations. If you are not adequately covered

you may loose a substantial amount of money or even face the risk of closing

your business.

Many online insurers will offer you a

policy called Public Liability Insurance for Self-Employed. You can obtain

quick online quotes from a number of insurers to help you compare costs and the

areas of cover. Obtaining a quote from any of these online websites is of no

hassle. You simply got to fill in the online form and you will have the quote

sent to your email account.

The type of insurance will depend on the

concept of your self-employment. Each package will be different to the other.

Thus, you need to give a clear explanation of the exact work you do to the

insurer so that they are able to formulate the right package.

For example, if you are a marketing

consultant – your position requires a maximum amount of trust. Your clients

rely on you for business advice, information, strategies and solutions to help

them develop their business. Since this position calls for offering advice and providing

a service you need the right insurance; Professional Indemnity will have to be

combined with the Public Liability Insurance for Self-Employed.

Similarly, insurance for self-employed

persons will vary according to their profession. Therefore, it is vital that

your job is clearly explained to the insurer to make sure that your business is

well protected. Depending on your work type you may sometimes require several

different types of policies combined together.

Finding the right insurance policy for

self-employed persons can be a difficult and stressful exercise. You might need

to do an extra bit of negotiating in order to get a reasonable quote. Given

below are some policies which are commonly used for persons of this category:


Liability Insurance: This is required if you have

employees working for you.


Van Insurance: If you use a vehicle for the work

you do, then a policy of this type is essential.


Liability Insurance: Provides cover against claims

made against you by third parties – members of the public, clients, customers

Business Buildings and Contents Insurance: This policy will be required if you work from your own home, or

rent/own a site; you will require insurance that covers the building and all

the business related items the building contains.


Indemnity Insurance: This provides you with cover against

damage claims for the advice and service you offer to the general public that

can turn out to be false and cause the involved person damage of reputation.

The above are just a few of the different

types of policies that are needed to be amalgamated together. With the support

of an experienced insurer you will be able to tailor-make a perfect Public

Liability Insurance for Self-Employed policy to suit your type of business.