Public Liability Insurance - The Cost

14th July 2010

Many companies avoid purchasing much needed insurance for their

companies because of the cost of public liability insurance.  What most

new business owners do not realize is that the cost of not having

insurance is considerably higher than any fee you might be paying in

order to have your company fully protected from the public and their

ability to sue.  If you were sued as a result of someone being injured

in or around your company you could lose as much as millions and

possibly have to sell your home, business, vehicles, and more.  Having

that little bit of insurance between you and the person suing you can

easily save your company, your home and your professional and personal


The cost of public liability insurance should really

be the last thing you are concerned with when you open a business.  What

you should for is talk to a business owner who was sued but did not

have the proper insurance coverage; they can tell you about the cost and

whether it was worth it to save a few Pounds.  To keep yourself and

your staff safe from financial ruin and unemployment you need to invest a

little bit in a good insurance policy; your staff and clients will

appreciate it.  Having appropriate coverage is the responsible thing to

do.  Smaller new companies will often skip this insurance and often that

is exactly what sinks the company.

The cost of public liability

insurance is a big concern for many people but it is not until they need

the insurance and it is not there that they realize the importance of

the policies.  Have you ever noticed that there are small businesses

that are opening and closing all of the time all over the place?  How

many of them do you think are closing because they can no longer afford

to be open?  How many of them do you think had to close because they now

have legal problems as a result of not having enough money to

compensate a victim of an accident?  It's hard to tell how many people

are affected by this, but it's hard not to notice these little

businesses keep disappearing.

If you are looking for more

information about the cost of public liability insurance you really

should contact a reputable insurance broker and explain to them what you

do in your business and how many employees you have as well as how much

contact you have with the public.  With this information a qualified

insurance broker will be able to help you find the right level of

insurance at the price that is right for you.  No matter what your

business model is there is a policy that will provide you with the

perfect amount of coverage to keep you and your company safe from

potential legal problems for years to come.  Often you can have the cost

of public liability insurance divided up into tiny monthly payments

that you hardly even notice, and you can often bundle that with car and

content insurance policies as well for deeper discounts.