Pushy salesman, getting lost and rubbish freebies are top pet hates for event attendees

12th July 2011

Pushy sales reps (57%) getting lost (30%) and tacky freebies (22%) are the elements that event visitors dislike the most about shows and exhibitions, according to recent survey findings conducted by GenieMobile, the company bringing the mobile revolution to the events sector. The survey also found that while the most important component for 44% of attendees at business events is interesting exhibitors, nearly a quarter (21%) of those visitors don’t even get to see those exhibitors. With the recession biting deep and every penny spent on events having to work harder, strategic event organising will be vital to business success now and in the future. For the events industry to grow, and footfall at shows to increase, it must be in touch with what visitors really want, such as clearer information on who is exhibiting (52%), and a personalised event experience to take full advantage of networking opportunities (32%).

Further research brings to light the scope and demand for new technology. There is substantial support for show-related Smartphone apps at events with two thirds (65%) of Smartphone owners saying they would use it to help plan their visit and connect with people if the facility was available. Significantly, half of people without a Smartphone, would use it for that if they had one. 

Helping to optimise the event experience for exhibitors, is EventGenie, a multi-platform mobile app for events. Provided by event organisers - usually free of charge for visitors – it enables them to access event information to tailor and enhance their event experience.  Event goers can view personalised information, such as live event schedules, exhibitor profiles, dynamic and interactive 3D floorplans and many other services in real-time on their Smartphone. The multi-platform app provides organisers with a new and ongoing engagement channel to their audience, and affords them valuable visitor intelligence and revenue opportunities.

Giles Welch, Managing Director, GenieMobile said,“New tech solutions will revolutionise how events are envisioned, implemented and evaluated. Smartphone use in particular can solve many of the issues highlighted in the survey. New ways of connecting with exhibitors could allay the biggest drawback of the tradeshow – the pushy sales rep. Delivering content to the phone, from organisers and exhibitors, would eliminate the complaints while bringing the exhibition experience into the 21stcentury, in a way that’s set to benefit visitors and exhibitors alike.”

The GenieMobile research was undertaken in June 2011 and aims to educate event professionals and help them to recognise opportunities for improving costs, visitor experience, quality and service levels, and innovation. To view the full report, please visit http://www.geniemobile.com/event-survey-results-2011/ and enter your details.