Re-launched Exhibitions Website Exceeding Expectations

5th May 2011

At the beginning of April re-launched after merging with, an event services and supplier directory. Overall, the re-launch went smoothly with no disruption to services and everyone connected with are very happy with the result.

Our marketing manager, Mohammed Ali, has been impressed with the visitor numbers to the site: ‘With the bank holidays making April a very short month combined with launching a new-look site, I was worried that we would see an initial fall in visitors but I have been pleasantly surprised. Visitor numbers are roughly equal to those we’ve recorded for Exhibitions since the beginning of 2011. Also, the banners we have on the site are seeing some good click through rates. Overall, the re-launch has been a very smooth transition.’

But don’t take our word for it! We’ve been chatting with some of our advertising suppliers who have provided us with some very positive feedback about the revamped site.

Joe Plosky from POD Exhibitions Systems commented, ‘the new site looks great. It is about time that [TSNN and Exhibitions were] all under one roof.’

Layth Karagholi, Total Displays Ltd, echoes Joe’s sentiments: ‘the re-launch and focus on the website away from TSNN makes perfect sense and I think will be beneficial to us as advertisers. We have a large presence on the new site and I believe that this will drive good traffic to our website whilst also increasing brand awareness of Total Displays Ltd.’

Both and catered for the exhibitions industry so it made perfect sense to merge the two sites and provide a comprehensive service to our visitors. Now, those of you interested in exhibitions can find out about upcoming events and if you are thinking of exhibiting you can also find exhibition suppliers through our supplier directory, or use our quick quotes service to contact a number of suppliers at once by filling out our simple quotes form.

Ben Townsend, Digital Marketing Executive at Clip Ltd, finds to be an excellent resource: ‘Upon hearing that TSNN was merging into, I was surprised to say the least. Being an avid user of the site I was a little hesitant at first about what the outcome would be. However I must say the new site is an incredibly useful resource for anyone looking at exhibiting or indeed to find out info on the latest events coming up. I for one am amazed at the quality of information on and look forward to more updates.’

Tim Rutherford-Brown, Managing Director at The 3D Centre, is also enthusiastic about the changes to ‘As long term advertisers on we have kept a close eye on since the merger as we wanted to be sure that the site would still work for us. So far, we have been very pleased with the traffic the site has generated for us and with the increased visitor numbers we believe that will really help to increase our brand awareness.’

Brantley Graham, Sales Manager at, commented, ‘I’m really happy to hear that our suppliers are pleased with the new website. I always look to develop a good working relationship with our suppliers so it is great to know that the suppliers are on board with the changes that have been made to’