Rent LCD Projectors and Convey an Impressive Message to your Audience

11th May 2010


Consumer companies need not worry anymore

on owning equipment that is needed to market their products – most of this

equipment can now be rented out. Today there are very large warehouses that

contain large quantities of different type of equipment that is required for

corporate events. They range from flip charts to the most expensive projectors.

A Rent LCD Projector is perfect for a PowerPoint presentation, to show images

and videos for both, large and small audiences. The capacity of your projector

will mainly depend on the type of material you plan to present, the number of

participants and the setting of your event. Given below are 3 brands of

projectors which are appropriate for these types of presentations:


Projector Rental:

A Budget Projector is ideal for showing

pictures and videos when lights can be dimmed. They are also good for

presenting text-heavy material or less detailed images, and it’s most suitable

for smaller groups. As mentioned above, it needs to have the lights dimmed or

off for optimum image quality. A Rent LCD Projector package of this type will

include: the projector, remote control, power cable/other cables, quick start

instructions and a lightweight carrying case.

It has inputs for a computer, DVD and VCR

and it has a capacity of 1500 lumens.


Projector Rental:

This projector is 100% brighter than the

budget projectors. It is a PowerPoint projector which is easy to use and highly

functional. They are very popular for high-impact PowerPoint presentations. It

is perfect for use in conference rooms when a bright and clear image is

essential, and it has been popular for detailed PowerPoint presentations or for

showing high resolution videos and photos.

This Rent LCD Projector has more inputs

such as, for a computer, DVD Player, VCR, video camera, cable box and a video

game console. It has a capacity of 3000 lumens and the package includes the

projector, the presentation remote, cables, extension cords, quick start

instructions and a lightweight carry case.


Meeting Projector:

This machine is 130% brighter than the

budget projector. It is perfect for large audiences to create a powerful

impression. They are recommended for conference room use where a bright and

clear image is essential. This projector should be rented out for presenting

detailed PowerPoint presentations or to show high resolution videos and photos.

This Rent LCD Projector package includes the same accessories mentioned above.

The inputs too are the same as for a Standard Projector Rental.

The above mentioned projectors are mainly

for standard sized conference rooms. Rental companies can also provide

high-powered projectors for much larger venues.

You will never be refused any type of

equipment that is required for a marketing presentation at the rental stores.

The easiest stores to access are those online; you can select, view, discuss

and order just with the click of a button within the comfort of your home or

office. The advantage with online stores is that they offer a 24/7 service.

Make use of this convenient facility to

organise a successful marketing event and with the help of an appropriate Rent

LCD Projector you will be able to convey a strong and impressive marketing

message to your audience.