10th December 2009

Rent Overhead Projector Equipment The Right Way

When you rent overhead projector equipment, there actually is a wrong way and a right way to get it done.

When you rent overhead projector equipment, there actually

is a wrong way and a right way to get it done. There is more involved than

picking up the telephone and calling a rental company, and you need to be sure

that you rent the equipment in the right way, to ensure that you are not left

without the right equipment when the day of your presentation arrives.

  • Shop

    around for a good price and good service. While the cost of the equipment

    is often a determining factor, you also need to find out about the quality

    level of the service that you will receive from the rental company. Often,

    getting the right level of service and dependability means paying a

    slightly higher price for the rental, and in almost all cases, this is the

    better option.

  • Rent

    overhead projector equipment that is superior. Most rental companies have

    older and newer equipment, and different brands of equipment available. Do

    just a bit of research on your own to determine which brand you prefer to

    use and then work with a rental company that carries that brand, ensuring

    that the equipment is in good condition before agreeing to anything.

  • Find

    out what additional supplies may be needed in advance. You may need to

    supply clear projector sheets, markers, and extra bulbs. In some cases,

    you may even have to supply your own projector stand or cart. Make sure

    that you get the details from the rental company before signing anything.

    Find out if the cart is supplied as a part of the agreement, or if there

    is an additional charge for this.

  • Make

    delivery arrangements when you rent overhead projector equipment. Not all

    rental companies will deliver and set up the equipment, and you need to be

    aware of this well in advance. If the company does not deliver, you need

    to make arrangements for a pickup. If the company does deliver, you or the

    people who will be operating the equipment need to be available for

    delivery. You also need to know about how the equipment is to be returned.

  • Reserve

    the Equipment as soon as possible. This is essential. As soon as you know

    that you have need of a rental, you need to select a company to work with

    and reserve the equipment – with a deposit. This is especially true in

    cases where events are being held that involve numerous businesses.

    Everyone else will be trying to rent equipment as well, and if you don’t

    act early, you may end up with old equipment that really isn’t any good –

    or no equipment at all.

Again, there is a right way and a wrong way to rent overhead

projector equipment from audio visual hire companies, and while it doesn’t take a great deal of time or effort

to get it done, it does require some level of good common sense on your part.

Otherwise, you could end up spending more money than you originally planned,

and at worst, you may not be able to conduct your presentation as you had

planned as well.