Restaurant bookings on-line at EC&O

28th June 2007

EC&O Venues, in partnership with Livebookings Network, has launched an on-line, real-time restaurant booking service through its website,
The service will allow site visitors to book tables in real-time at featured restaurants which are part of the Livebookings Network and brings one step closer to the end goal of being a one-stop organisation and information shop for anyone wishing to visit Earls Court or Olympia.
“The internet is, slightly ironically given the initial fears over what effect it might have had on live events, rapidly becoming an integral part of our industry, in terms of communicating with the audiences we wish to attract to our events and of making it easier for those audiences to be part of the live event experience,” says Digital Marketing Manager, Sybil Barker. “Things like hotel booking, restaurant booking, car park booking and, obviously, ticket booking, all on-line, make it simple for people and go towards reducing any perceived barriers to entry. In the near future, we will begin to use our website to poll the opinions, feelings and needs of our audiences, which will allow us to fine-tune our offering further and better utilise e-marketing to the benefit of our customers.”