Retractable Banner Display

5th January 2010

A retractable banner display is relatively new invention for the marketing purposes, but it has already become a favourite for numerous business owners and companies' chairmen. Really, why to stick to old fashioned and clumsy to use folded banners when you have an option to get something convenient, easy to use, practical and attractive? Never before it was so easy to set up a banner in any place you wish. Exhibitions, presentations and trade shows are perfect events to utilise a retractable banner. Its graphic and original look will successfully promote your business even if you are surrounded by dozens of competitors: not everybody can afford mobility and flexibility of an exhibition item. But you can – provided you have a retractable banner display. 

In case you already heard about this type of banner, it is probable you have already tested the ground a bit and made some primary research. It would not be surprising if the variety of models scared you off: how it is possible to make a right choice out of such multitude? But in fact it is not that difficult, you should only consider the peculiarities of your own business. Think about every aspect, and a picture of a perfect banner will easily crystallise in your imagination. For example, consider the size. Do you really need a huge display which would be impressive, of course, but more inconvenient to transport and set up? Or maybe a middle-sized and compact retractable banner display would be suitable for maximising your company's exposure at trade shows and presentations?

Think about the place you are going to set up the banner in. Will it be visible from one side or from both? If the audience has access to both sides of the banner, it is highly recommended to opt for a double sided display. No need to say it is much more effective, so why the opportunity should be wasted? Of course, this variant will be costlier, but the promotional potential of such item will pay the money back. Speaking of prices, it is advisable to go for a high quality models even if they are pricier: you will appreciate their good service in the long run. The cheaper retractable banner displays are not necessarily unreliable, but sometimes they can be damaged easily, especially if used on a regular basis. 

The frequency of usage is another factor to think about. Make sure the construction is reliable, no matter whether it is a three component construction or telescopic model. Besides, it should be really easy to use, as you will probably need to use it in different places in the course of the same day. Usually there is a roller on the base of the banner, all you need to do is just pull it out and fix it to a support unit. Do not forget about an appropriate case for your banner to carry and store: it should protect a retractable banner display from the destructive effects of light and dust.

Considering all these aspects before buying a banner will help you to choose a reliable one and pleasant to use.