Revolutionary seating system improves audience viewing

26th February 2008

February saw the launch of a highly anticipated new parabolic demountable seating system designed to offer uninterrupted sight lines for every audience member.

Called clearview, it is the first system that allows each row of seats to be altered to deliver optimum sightlines for different events or venues. For event organisers in live music, stadia and sporting events, the system also affords the flexibility to increase capacity in restricted areas, while offering audiences a better view in comfort.

The system is the result of three years’ research and development by the Arena Structure and the new product has already been awarded international patents for its numerous engineering advances.

In technical terms, the first-time C-values, the universal measurement system for sight lines, can be tailored to suit individual events. Clearview exploits an innovative system of variable geometry to create the parabolic profile essential to guaranteeing a great view of the action, achieving optimum C-values even from 68 rows back.

Designed to be eco-efficient and environmentally friendly, with aluminum recyclable components, the system is remarkably compact and lightweight, reducing storage and transport needs, fuel costs and the overall carbon footprint. Features also include a maximum comfort seat, complete with optional cup holders, and they are interchangeable with media tables, disabled and hospitality features.

“We have created the world’s first demountable parabolic seating system that can be configured to provide optimum sightlines for any events,” said Arena director John Poyner.