05th January 2010

Roll up banner stand

To enhance the brand of your company it is a wonderful option to use a roll up banner stand.

To enhance the brand of your company it is a wonderful option to use a roll up banner stand. Without a doubt, in the course of your marketing campaign your company takes part in numerous exhibitions, trade shows and seasonal fairs. To attract the attention of potential customers one has to be different from a myriad of similar organisations with similar products. Yes, it is nice to give out leaflets or to put a billboard on the side of a highway, but there is also another way. It is extremely easy, convenient and cost effective to use roll up stands. It is a remarkable improvement in the practice of self-advertising, never before it was so easy and even effortless to set up a stand. 

Roll up banner stand usually has a roller at the base, which makes it possible to rewind the banner. Just pull it and stable the fixing item – and your banner is ready to be displayed. The process of setting up takes only one minute, no additional tools or hired labourers are needed. The same simplicity is reflected in the transporting. A roll up banner is compact when rewound, it easily fits inside the case and is carried in a bag. Stored that way, a banner is protected from light, moisture and dust, which guarantees its durability. A roll up banner can be used over and over again, spreading reminders about your company. 

Another wonderful thing about a roll up banner stand – it is made of light, but strong materials. A high quality model will never get spoiled after a few presentations, and the manufacturers are so confident when it comes to their production that the warranty they offer is a lifetime one. Do not go for very low cost models, they are known to be broken quite easily after several uses. The money invested in a nice banner stand will pay back with the success of your marketing strategy.

A wide range of these stands is represented on the market, there are numerous shapes, styles, materials to choose from. The size of your item should not be ignored as well. A roll up banner stand does not take too much space, but still some manufacturers produce them quite big, so this variant is available too if you want people to notice your stand from a distance. Usually this kind of stand is used indoors, but recently some weather resistant models appeared as well. The most important thing is to have a quality laminated graphics, in case of rain, and solid construction, in case of stronger wind. 

Unlike old fashioned folded banners or a hanging poster, a roll up stand can be displayed from both sides. If the place is appropriate for this intention, do not hesitate to get a little bit more expensive double-sided roll up banner stand. The number of people from your target group will be doubled in this case as well, which means the chances for a successful advertising are much bigger. 

All these key features make the roll ups look even more attractive in comparison with other promotional units.