Rollup banner stands

5th January 2010

It is natural for a wise business owner to look for a cost effective but effective way of promotion, and rollup banner stands are wonderful tools to use for this purpose. They differ from most of the other types of stands by a number of key features, which make them especially attractive in use. The construction of a rollup stand is quite simple: it has a roller on the base, which you pull for setting up, and a supporting unit. The installing process is easy as one-two-three, it does not require any special instruments, skills, knowledge and physical labour. You will be able to set up your advertising unit in seconds, easy and effortlessly. While your competitors at the trade shows, seasonal fairs, malls and exhibitions spend time assembling some complicated structures, you will be able to act fast and grab the attention of any potential clients. 

Rollup banner stands are made of light materials, which makes them light to carry and convenient to use, and at the same time they are durable and reusable. The secret of their durability is partially in the way they are stored and transported. They easily fit in a special case which is then fitted and carried in a bag. Under such circumstances your rollup banner is protected from light, dust and folds, and it means that it will be used over and over again for your marketing purposes without getting spoiled. Such stands are usually used indoors, though exceptions are possible if the weather is favourable and the event takes place under the open sky. 

Rollup banner stands are available in different sizes, and you should consider the purpose of your stand, the event you take part in and the space limitation for your company. Normally the width of these stands is 30 to 35 inches, as for the height, it can be regulated with the help of poles. 

Think in advance about the sort of events you are going to participate in: seasonal sales, advertisement campaign in a shop, road shows or exhibitions. According to the placement of your banner choose one- or double-sided models. It would be a pity to demonstrate your graphics only from one side, but if a banner is mostly placed near the wall, there is no need to pay extra for a double display. 

Rollup banner stands are perfect for salesmen on the move: light weight, flexibility and simplicity of structure make them irreplaceable for those who need a portable advertising tool. 

Graphics should be taken into consideration as well, in fact it is not the structure of your stand, but the design of the graphic material that is really an eye catching part. Make sure the graphics are quality laminated and reliable. Needless to say, the design of your logo or promotional message should be extremely captivating by itself. In this case visitors will notice you at once and the chances of successful marketing will increase immediately. Rollup banner stands will stand for your interests and success during the whole period of their use.