Royal Agricultural Society of England joins The Edible Garden Show’s investors

16th November 2009

The Royal Agricultural Society of England (RASE), one of the key players in UK agriculture and the rural economy, has become an investor in The Edible Garden Show.

The move, which involves the Society taking a 20% stake in the exciting new venture, builds on a previous commitment for the RASE to become an official partner of the show – the UK’s first national event dedicated solely to the increasingly popular Grow Your Own sector.

The announcement also marks a further significant boost for The Edible Garden Show, which has generated a phenomenal response among the public, media and gardening groups since being officially unveiled in September. The inaugural event will take place at historic Stoneleigh Park in Warwickshire from Friday, March 19 to Sunday, March 21, 2010.

RASE spokesman Denis Chamberlain said: “The launch of The Edible Garden Show provides a perfect fit for the Royal Agricultural Society of England, which has played a leading role in the development of agriculture and a vibrant rural economy since 1838. We welcome the opportunity to take a financial interest in this new event. It will become a significant part of our event portfolio, following the final closure last year of the internationally famous Royal Show.”

Exhibitions guru Brian Wiseman, one of the instigators behind The Edible Garden Show, said: “The RASE is such a significant name in agriculture and the rural economy that we warmly welcome its decision to join our venture. The Society’s involvement adds to an already great success story for this exciting new show.”

In addition to gaining the support of the RASE, The Edible Garden Show has already earned the endorsement of the National Society of Allotment and Leisure Gardeners (NSALG), which boasts 103,000 members in the UK at over 2,000 allotment societies. The show’s organisers have also secured a three-year contract with Mirror Group which will promote the event through its three national newspapers, Daily Mirror, Sunday Mirror and The People.

The Edible Garden Show is targeted towards anyone passionate about Grow Your Own, Brew Your Own… or anything to do with healthy eating or home produce. From fruit and veg to bread making, from poultry to organic herbs, and from bee keeping to home brewing, The Edible Garden Show is THE ultimate Grow Your Own event