Select The Right Exhibition Stand Suppliers

27th April 2010

There are many different exhibition stand suppliers that you can choose

from. If you are attending a convention or trade show for the first

time, you will need to select a stand and banner system that fits your

budget and your needs. With hundreds of different banner stand systems

on the market, you will need to pick a supplier that suits your needs.

This can be challenging, especially if you have never participated in a

show or convention before. Fortunately, there are a few things that you

will be able to keep in mind as you try to select the ideal supplier for

your needs. No matter what choice you make, take your time with your

selection. Your supplier will make a huge impact on the success of your


The first step towards selecting exhibition stand suppliers is to know

what you want in an exhibit. Most suppliers typically have a

specialization. By selecting a supplier that specializes in the type of

exhibit that you want, you can expect to get the results that you

desire. However, even if you use a supplier that does not specialize in

exactly what you want, it is possible to reach your end goal so long as

the supplier has the basic modules or kits that you require. When you

approach a supplier, you will need to have a good idea of what you want

in an exhibit. This will go a long way towards ensuring they can meet

your goals for your trade show or convention.

There are several types of exhibition stand suppliers that you can use.

There are businesses that will only provide the hardware that you need

and nothing more. This is the type of supplier that businesses with

their own creative teams and pre-existing banners will want to use. This

allows the business to acquire the hardware that they need with the

least amount of hassle. However, as many companies do not have the

resources to make their own banners or panels, this type of supplier is

typically not suitable for the average company. Many companies require a

full service supplier that can handle creative needs in addition to the

hardware necessary to build a high quality exhibit.

If you need full service exhibition stand suppliers, you need to make

certain that you give yourself sufficient time to plan your creative,

get your design approved through their systems, and have the banner and

hardware made to fit your needs. This process can be time consuming.

Often, the longest part is finding the right creative for your need.

Because the designers have to work based off of your input, if you are

not clear on what you want, you may end up sacrificing several weeks

settling on a design that best fits your needs. Once you have a design,

it may take several weeks for your exhibit to be prepared. The more

complex that your designs are, the longer it will take to produce.

Fortunately, most trade shows and conventions are planned well in

advance. This ensures that you are able to have the time you need to

make your booth a success.