Selecting Audio Visual Presentation Equipment

10th December 2009

When you are planning a presentation, there are many

different types of audio visual presentation equipment that you can choose

from. You must determine which type of equipment that you need to have the best

presentation possible. Here is some information about the various types of

rentals that you might want or need to consider.

  • Projectors

    – Will you need a projector for your presentation? Many different types of

    projectors are available for rent, and it is just a matter of knowing

    which type you require. Do you need a projector that displays overhead

    images? Do you need a projector that can use DVDs or a projector that uses

    actual film? Make sure that you know exactly what you will need, as well

    as how the images will be viewed by your audience.

  • Computers

    – Audio visual presentation equipment may require the use of computers,

    and the presentation may be given on the computer itself – or multiple

    computers. Of course, purchasing multiple computers for one event usually

    isn’t in a businesses budget, but you can rent computers and laptops that

    you need. Multiple laptop computers are typically very popular for small

    events, where each participant has their own individual laptop to use for

    the presentation.

  • Monitors

    – If one computer will be used for your presentation, you will most likely

    need several smaller monitors, or one very large monitor. Monitors are

    available in a wide range of styles and types, such as Plasma monitors.

    You may need to try different monitors out with the computer system that

    you will use in advance to make sure that the picture is not distorted,

    and that the monitor is big enough for the audience and the venue.

  • Sound

    – Sound is often overlooked when planning audio visual presentation

    equipment, unfortunately. How big is your venue? How far can the volume be

    turned up? Will everyone be able to hear your presentation? You may need a

    PA system of some type included in your rental to cover any sound issues. You

    also want to make sure that the sound system that you choose is suitable

    for the venue where the presentation will be given. Echoes are often a


  • Staging

    – Depending on the venue and the size of your audience, you may require

    special staging for the equipment, so that it can be seen and heard by

    everyone in attendance. Staging can be rented, and there are numerous

    staging options available in most cases. Make sure that you know exactly

    what is needed in terms of height before you start shopping staging


If you take your entire presentation into consideration, as

well as the event where the presentation will be given, the process of

obtaining the audio visual presentation equipment that you require will be much

easier and less time consuming. Make sure that you have a clear idea of what is

needed in your Audio Visual Hire before contacting a sales representative in order to save time, and

possibly money as well. Also, take the time to listen to what the sales

representative has to contribute as well.